Are you Digitally Safe? Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re like most people, you’ve got an array of digital devices synced via Bluetooth to even more devices. But there’s one big flaw to the digital lifestyle: Security. The more we enter our data into online apps and sites, the more we put our personal information and finances at risk, yet few of us take even the most basic steps to safeguard our security.

Here are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself, and most of them don’t even require that much effort.

Know Where your Donations are Going

If you’re big on charitable giving, the likelihood is that you have a tendency to wonder where exactly it is that you’re hard earned money is being spent. It’s nice to know that the money you’ve donated is being allocated properly and that by giving you are making a difference.

If, like me, you do spend time before you donate researching the eventual destination of your money (in today’s economically driven world it’s only natural to want to see a good return on your investment), then here are some tips on making sure your donation goes to those that need it most.