Talk Like a Pirate Day Giveaway 2014

Enter to Win a Booty Bag of FatWallet Schwag in our Talk Like a PIrate Day Giveaway!

All ye scallywags help us celebrate natter like a pirate day.  Ten lucky winners gunna win a lovely booty bag ‘o FatWallet schwag!  Sign up below or swim th’ plank!   Jolly luck to ye matey! Five Full ‘O Awe Thin’s To Do On Talk Like a Pirate Day: 1.) Learn how to talk like… 

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Tax Free Weekend 2014: Back To School Plus More

tax free weekend

All you cash-back, money-saving, deal-hunting, bargain-hunters grab your pen, stylus, smart phone, Siri, or whatever you use and mark your calendars, because you do not want to miss this years Tax Free Holiday. Summers end is near and there hasn’t been a better time to save money on school supplies, clothing, cell phones and laptops…. 

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