Meet Brent Shelton

Brent Shelton is an online shopping expert and media relations specialist for Brent has 17 years of B2C marketing experience, analyzing online shopping behavior, retail trends and personal finance strategies, bringing awareness to the latest money-saving trends and tactics for journalists and consumers alike. Apart from his national PR and media relations duties, Brent authors FatWallet's monthly "What to Buy " series which forecasts the best times of year to buy things, and why. He also authors the Consumer Trends blog in the FatWallet Newsroom featuring current online shopping trends, Black Friday Predictions and FatWallet media.

Brent is a husband, father and passionate dog owner. He's also the guitarist for Mana Kintorso, singer/songwriter, craft brewer and designs concert posters in his spare time. Follow Brent on Twitter @brentsheltonnow, Google+ and Newsle, or visit "FatWallet In the News".

iPhone Dilemma: Buy Now or Wait for Black Friday?


Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to announce the new iPhones on September 9. Will price cuts on older iPhones later this month lead the way to early Black Friday sales…or are they, in fact, early Black Friday deals? Kidding aside (maybe), the real question for consumers who are thinking about upgrading to the bigger iPhone 6 options is,… 

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September Buying Guide – Labor Day Sales bring summer clearance

September 2015 Shopping Trends FI

Consumers cash in big as retailers make space for holiday We don’t think of Labor Day as an opportunity to shop and save, but maybe we should. Like President’s Day and Memorial Day sales, retailers have lengthened Labor Day sales into a 10-day marathon resulting in some of the best prices of the year on a wide… 

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Best Tablet Deals – Back to School or Black Friday?


While American parents ranked this year’s Back to School sales best for finding tablet deals (and laptop deals), ahead of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (see Back to School Shopping Survey), comparing pricing on tablets is all about timing. Sales for many computing devices fluctuate by the week, and often that unbelievable deal sells out so… 

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Can Back to School laptop deals beat Black Friday?


According to parents, back to school laptop deals are better than Black Friday deals. Parents ranked Back to School sales for laptops and tablets ahead of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our Back to School Shopping Survey. There could be several reason for this ranking, including the sheer selection this time of year, as Black… 

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Parents vs. Kids – Back to School Shopping INFOGRAPHIC


Teens want clothes, and smartphones. Parents agree, somewhat. An annual Back to School Shopping Survey from asked American parents to chime in about shopping for their kids’ school needs. What’s topping their 2015 shopping lists? For both parents and kids (what parents “think” kids want), clothes and shoes will be a top purchase, especially for Nike. 9 in 10 parents plan to… 

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Sales Tax Holiday Brings Back to School Savings


August brings Tax Free Weekends in 16 states. 16 states will participate in a sales tax holiday, offering the opportunity to purchase certain school supplies, computers, books and clothing free of state sales or use tax.  Local sales and use tax may apply. Retailers are required to participate and may not charge tax on items that are legally tax-exempt… 

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Unplugged: Best Power Tool Combo Kit


Lithium Ion Batteries Are Awesome… Shun those Evil Cords! There’s little argument lithium ion batteries are the leading reason cordless power tools are so in demand. Versus years of Ni-Cad batteries with limited performance, lithium offers ample power, long run times and fast charging in a much smaller, lighter footprint–the real workhorses in newer cordless combo tool kits, which are… 

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Best Things to Buy in May


MAY SAVINGS TIPS! May brings an abundance of  savings opportunities, especially on big ticket items like laptop and tablets for mom (or yourself), summer vacation packages and hotel bookings, appliances, mattress sets and more. Mother’s Day spending has grown to be one of the top 5 sales events of the year (for more than just moms) and Memorial Day sales feature a week… 

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