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Brent Shelton is an online shopping expert and media relations specialist for Brent has 17 years of B2C marketing experience, analyzing online shopping behavior, retail trends and personal finance strategies, bringing awareness to the latest money-saving trends and tactics for journalists and consumers alike. Apart from his national PR and media relations duties, Brent authors FatWallet's monthly "What to Buy " series which forecasts the best times of year to buy things, and why. He also authors the Consumer Trends blog in the FatWallet Newsroom featuring current online shopping trends, Black Friday Predictions and FatWallet media.

Brent is a husband, father and passionate dog owner. He's also the guitarist for Mana Kintorso, singer/songwriter, craft brewer and designs concert posters in his spare time. Follow Brent on Twitter @brentsheltonnow, Google+ and Newsle, or visit "FatWallet In the News".

Going Mobile: Smartphones and Wearables Lead Charge [INFOGRAPHIC]

Smartphones and Wearables

The Madness of March brings Electronics Deals A new study from reports that consumers plan to buy more electronics this year, as well as spend more money. In fact, 3 in 4 will buy some sort of new electronics product this year with smartphones and wearables leading the charge as buying electronics from a mobile device will… 

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Top 10 Black Friday Deals: Laptops

laptops BF

The PC market was expected to decrease 6% this year, but analysts are now reporting it will only decline 3.7%.  If PC makers want to compete with phones and tablets this Black Friday, they will have to lower their prices, and they are doing just that! Laptops are a huge hit on Black Friday, and… 

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What to Buy in September: 2014 Shopping Trends

September Shopping Trends and Sales

Best time of year to shop clearance and shop early! When is shopping early, smart? Waiting for “after clearance” clearance can produce the absolute lowest price, but settling for what’s left will sacrifice selection, and most likely quality. This is where jumping on Labor Day sales and summer clearance deals on the bigger ticket items… 

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Parents say teens need laptops and smartphones for school

teen girl smiling with mobile phone

Back to School Spending Up This Year: FatWallet surveyed American parents and asked them about their spending plans for this year’s Back to School season, what’s #1 on their shopping lists and how much they’ll spend this year. Parents also shared their views on when they thought students should have their own tech products (laptops,… 

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Student Laptop Buying Guide 2014

laptop coupons

Today, students of every age have one need in common: access to a computer. The computer is essential for child development, but laptops have become the ultimate learning tool for students offering the most convenience, power, connectivity and versatility in one portable package. With a little planning and research, confident purchases are nearly as easy… 

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