Come Vote for the 2014 Black Friday FatWallet T-Shirt!

Vote For Your Favorite FatWallet Black Friday T-Shirt

The FatWallet Black Friday T-Shirt Contest Voting Gallery is Live! Help us choose the winner for this year’s Black Friday T-Shirt contest.  This annual FatWallet tradition is the kick-off to all our Black Friday Fun! FatWallet members are invited to submit designs that represent the FatWallet Brand, Black Friday, and the spirit of fun within our… 

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Hot Summertime Family Fun Ideas

summertime family fun

School’s out for summer! The kids are home and before we know it, we’re going to start hearing that age-old anthem to summer, “We’re bored.” We’re here to help you ward it off with a master list of frugal but fun family ideas to keep the clan entertained and out of trouble!

Let’s Go Camping: This Weekend is the Great American Backyard Campout

great american backyard camping 2014

The kids have been off school for a while now, just long enough to say, “we’re bored!” If left to their own devices, they’d be playing devices (video games, tv, ipads) all day. It’s time to make them go outside to play and make up some non-digital fun! Great American Backyard Campout! The National Wildlife Foundation is… 

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Will New Makeup Technology Make Expensive Beauty Counters Go Extinct?

Can we save money on makeup with new technology?

I’m sure you’ve already seen amazing things come from 3D printers, like the DIY dad who made his son a prosthetic hand, saving the family tens of thousands of dollars. Check out this young inventor who has created a printer that takes any color you find on the web or real life and turns it into makeup. Depending on how much you spend on makeup, it’s projected $300 price tag might not be a money-saver, but in the hands of an entrepreneurial teenager it very well could be a major money-maker!

Cheap Furniture: How to Buy a Couch That Will Look Great and Last

Save money by buying quality Cheap Furniture

Buying furniture is one of the harder purchases to make. It’s difficult to tell if you’re getting a bargain or a piece of junk. That cheap couch may look great on the outside, but may only last a year or two before the fabric or cushions start to wear out. So here’s a guild to buying quality cheap furniture that can stand up to kids, pets, and daily use.