Taking the Fight out of Money

Most couples take an in-depth look at their finances just twice per year, at year-end and tax time. Even for many of those couples, ‘in-depth’ may entail little more than actually fully reading all of their bills and account statements. Thus, all too often when one partner wants to have a more detailed discussion about finances, stress and arguments ensue.

The Age-Old Remedy: Change of Scenery to Discover Your Big Picture

5:15 am is just too early to get up on a Sunday. Or any day in my opinion. Sure, maybe you get up early to train for a triathlon or nurse a baby or go to the airport, but none of those apply to me right now. My 2-year old daughter does not seem to comprehend. What she does understand though is the grumpiness that kicks in around 3:00pm when the early start begins to affect Mommy’s mood.

Found Money: Is Money Looking for You?

On a near daily basis, my mother (a lovely woman) forwards me ‘important’ email she’s received that frequently turn out to be urban legends, bogus stories or digital-age chain letters. So when she emailed me last week to tell me that she had found $44 that belonged to me I was a bit skeptical.

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Like the beating of the Telltale Heart, you can hear the minutes until your taxes are due ticking away. There’s just one big problem: You don’t have the money to pay your taxes this year! While this isn’t a great situation to be in, there are some reasonable options to help you minimize the impact of this predicament.

Five Financial Products You Should NEVER Buy

As a financial planner, my clients often ask my opinion on financial products that they are considering purchasing, and several of them always appear to me to offer dubious value. (Note: I don’t necessarily consider any of these products to be a ‘rip-off’, but generally have not found a situation where they are worth their price). So, here are five heavily marketed products that you may wish to avoid!