20 Romantic Flowers that Aren’t Roses


Flowers are the easiest way to bring a smile to someone’s face and to show how much you care. Flowers are the universal language of love, especially long stem red roses. But what if you want to say what you feel without sending roses?

Flowers have a way of speaking to our souls with their simplicity, their beauty and their sweet beautiful scent. There are a thousand ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day. Here are 20 romantic flowers that aren’t roses.

Meaning of 20 Rose Colors: Everything You Need to Know this Valentine’s Day

rose colors meaning

Roses come in many different shades and each color has a specific meaning that helps to convey our different thoughts and emotions. At times, words might escape us and we can’t quite get out what we want to say. For hundreds of years people have given roses and flowers as a sign of love, joy, bereavement, and as a way to congratulate someone. The color of the rose can express just what you want to say even when you haven’t said a word. Flowers speak to us and to our inner soul in a way that is sometimes hard to explain. This Valentine’s Day, send the rose that says what is in your heart.