Avoiding Black Friday Buyer’s Remorse

buyers remorse Have you ever felt guilty after buying something? You know what I’m talking about. That icky, sense of regret that creeps up behind you and makes you double question everything. That uneasy feeling that makes your stomach feel like like its been on a roller coaster. I think we can all safely say we’ve all been there. It’s not fun. 

There is a term called for those feelings. It’s called buyer’s remorse, and its the the name given when we buy a product or service and then discover something that makes us wish we hadn’t. It is usually associated with big purchases like a house or car. Since they are usually on the higher price range, you want to find the best bang for your buck. What better way to score a great deal then to wait for the holy shopping day of the year: Black Friday. 

We all know that you can’t walk into Walmart and buy a house or car, but many Black Friday shoppers keep their eyes peeled for other big ticket items like flat screen TV’s, computers, or appliances. When we see big discounts, we sometimes lose sight of what we really want and need. We can get distracted with the savings and the thrill of a good deal that we don’t do our research or settle for a purchase that actually ends up costing us money.

Listen to us, don’t be that person. Follow these tips for your big purchases on Black Friday and you’ll be able throw the buyer’s remorse into the garbage.

    • Listen to your fellow consumers regarding the deals you’re hunting for. There’s a lot of wisdom and experience within your circle of friends, available to you through a text, phone call, social media, or even over a cup of coffee! See what they’ve bought, if they like it, what they’d do differently if they were to buy it again.
    • Search online for unbiased product reviews. Look for any reviews that write about repairs/product malfunctions. If you have to spend even more money down the road to repair it or replace it well before you should, then its not that great of a deal.
    • Check the FatWallet forums for honest, no-fluff feedback from others. We have built a great community of savvy consumers that give honest opinions and share their insights. Our members have always been an incredible resource to rely on.

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