Back-to-School Savings

It’s that magical time again – the kids are heading back to school and you get to open your pocketbook a bit wider than you’d probably prefer. For students who were just in class a couple of months ago, they certainly seem to need a lot of things, and all of those items can add up in a big way. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent sales and bargains to be found to make the back-to-school shopping a bit less painful at least.

Bargains on Clothing

Retailers are increasingly desperate for buyers thanks to the still sluggish economy. That means you stand to get some great deals at their expense. Before you start shopping for new clothing, check your child’s new dress code. Anything that doesn’t fit the school’s dress code doesn’t get purchased, and the things that do fit should definitely be purchased while on sale – preferably with something free or a great coupon.

Look online for coupon codes and keep an eye on the mail. Coupons and discounts are coming in rapidly and if you store those up, keep an eye on sales and hit the malls during the tax-free weekend (if your state has one, of course), you can walk away with huge savings on your child’s (and your) new school wardrobe.

Online Discounts

Clothing needs to be tried on in most cases, but if you have a solid idea of what you want and it’s not any cheaper in the store, shop online. Big ticket items are great to buy online since you can often find them with big discounts on top of free shipping offers. You also don’t have to pick from the dregs that are left after the crowds pick and choose ahead of you.

You can buy the usual items online – shoes, clothing, backpacks and purses, but you can also score some great deals on items you wouldn’t think of right away. New computers can be had for significant discounts, and so can graphing calculators, required reading books and even new glasses. Buy heavily discounted frames online and save over even the best sales at the mall on new glasses. The same is true for refurbished calculators.

Haircuts and Preparations

In the last weeks before school starts up, instead of taking everyone to the salon for haircuts, head over to the beauty school instead. The local cosmetology program has trainees who need hours and experience to complete their program. The students need real heads to practice on, and in exchange for a simple cut and style from someone just months away from working in that same pricey salon you just avoided, you get to save substantial amounts. You can use this same trick for manicures, pedicures and some facial treatments as well.

Instruments and Equipment

There are a few weeks of summer left for most of us and you might have time to snag a great deal on equipment and instruments through your child’s school, online marketplaces and local want ads. If your child has decided to take up an instrument, check right away to see if the school has one you can simply rent for the year. Then ask at the local music shop to see if any bargains are to be had. Finally, check the paper and online listings for used items for sale. You will likely still spend a pretty penny since instruments and sports equipment are expensive, but you’ll save quite a bit over buying one new at least.

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