Back to School Shopping: Your August Stockpile Guide

With summer winding down it’s time to start thinking of back to school bargains at the Bayless house. Our oldest son will start kindergarten in two weeks, so last weekend I took him school shopping.

I can still remember my mom taking me shopping for new school clothes, and I wanted to carry on the same tradition with my boys. By then end of the day, my son was one happy 5 year old with his new pair of Spiderman shoes, Nike outfits, a few “nice” shirts as he calls them, and all of his school supplies. Thanks to his Aunt Katie, he will be sporting a Cincinnati Reds backpack and lunch bag this year too. So my wallet was a little lighter at the end of a full day of shopping, but he’s only going to kindergarten once, so it’s okay to splurge a little bit, right?

My youngest son starts preschool in a few weeks too, and once he realized all the fun his brother got to have school shopping with mom, he got even more excited for school. Although, I really think he is mostly looking forward to getting to pick the place to eat when we do his school shopping!


So of course stocking up on school supplies is what the month of August is all about. I’m sure you’ve seen fliers from about every store advertising back to school sales (Walgreens and Office Max have been two of my favorites this year). I definitely watch these sales on some things, and I will stock up on things that I may use in my daycare during the year. However, I like to wait to buy many of my kids’ school supplies when I take them shopping. I like to watch them pick out their own crayons and markers (even though it may cost me a little bit more!).

Sales & Sales Tax

Many states also offer sales tax holidays the end of summer, so take advantage of them if your state participates. As of right now, 17 states are participating in some kind of sales tax holiday. Check out this website to see if yours is included. Some of these states have already had their sales tax holidays, and some include more than just items for back to school.

In addition to back to school sales, August is also a time to start watching for sales on breakfast items like cereal and frozen waffles, juices, and items for your kids’ school lunch box.

Even though we will certainly have some more hot summer days ahead of us, it’s time to start thinking about the fall and sending your kids back to school. Remember to not only stock up on items they’ll need to start the school year, but also grab some extra items they may run out of midyear. You’ll also start seeing sales on foods they need to start their days off right and their favorite foods to eat at lunch.

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