Back-to-School Special: Student Discounts Round-Up

Solving the penny pinching predicaments of parents and their stone-broke students who are sick and tired of eating instant noodles for dinner.

You’re paying a hefty price with your hard work and hard earned dollar putting yourself or your kids through school, but are you leveraging that to its full potential?

Here’s how to take advantage of the many great coupons and deals surrounding the back-to-school shopping season:

One of the more fruitful online search terms for students is the “Student Discount”. If you’re a student and have a student ID number, an “.edu” email address or know your college/university school code, you may qualify for some significant savings.

Below is a round-up of coupons and deals for products, clubs, credit services and freebies that live on different pages of the FatWallet site. There’s also a short list of Cash Back stores to help you save additional money on textbooks and other needs.

(HINT: More offers show up every day – use the FatWallet search bar and search for “student” or “student discount” to find them all.)

Hot Deals and Coupons:
These were found in our Hot Deals forum where your peers post a variety of savings tips and deals all day long, every day. Some also appear in our Today’s Best Deals section and tend to go very quick. Good luck!

Clubs and Cards:
There are numerous clubs and credit cards developed for students. Some are just more hip (visually), but many can really help you save. As with any membership, research all of the details for rates, fees and renewals. (RE: read the fine print)

Free Offers:
As always, students and parents alike can find a variety of freebies in our Free Stuff forum and everyday in our Today’s Best Deals section. You can also follow the @freestuffrocks Twitter feed. The really good free stuff tends to go quickly, here’s a few super deals that stood out when this posted. (Remember: Most offers that are labeled as free require information so always use discretion.)

Cash Back Stores:
A quick list of a few stores offering Cash Back from FatWallet. Many are offering significant increased savings in our Cash Back Sale during the back-to-school shopping season.

Remember, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using your student status as a ticket to savings. Share this list with your friends and have more fun in school, spending less!

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