Backyard Makeover Ideas: Affordable Additions With A Vacation Feel


Summer is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking of ways to make your backyard, porch, or patio feel like its own escape. Enjoy a Saturday afternoon outside on your own property by making it your own vacation space!

We’ve got outdoor accessories and DIY projects that will give your deck, backyard, porch or patio a completely different atmosphere this year! From transforming your old furniture to buying a few new items, a few simple additions can change the way you spend time outside.


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Pallet Patio Furniture

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If you can’t afford to shell out thousands of dollars on swanky patio furniture consider the DIY alternative of pallets. They’re cheap, easy to acquire, and when assembled and painted, make fantastic outdoor furniture. There are several tutorials out there, so I’ll let you pick whichever one suits your fancy.

Checkerboard Garden

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You can do this design yourself. Here’s a great tutorial.

Patio Rug

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Add a rug to your porch, patio, or deck. It will do wonders for whatever color scheme your thinking of, and make your area more home-y.

Reupholster Patio Furniture

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Suppose you have perfectly good furniture, but the cushions and color theme just don’t go with that you have in mind this spring. Then get some new fabric and reupholster your cushions for a whole new look!

Inflatable Hot Tub

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Perhaps you don’t have the space, time, or money for an actual hot tub. But the perfect addition to making your backyard a true escape might just be getting an inflatable hot tub spa!
Aren’t you feeling relaxed just looking at that picture?

Pallet Swing Chair

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A great rendition of pallet patio furniure is a swing chair that you can enjoy on and watch the sunset from.

Cocktail Cart

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If you want your afternoon to be a bit fancier, get an outdoor cocktail cart for you backyard, so you can drink that lemonade or beer in style.

Mood Lighting

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Take some white Christmas lights and put them around your porch, patio, or backyard to give some soft lighting in the evening. Or, get some solar-powered lanterns, candles, or a firepit to spice up the lighting situation in your yard.

Metal Furniture Resoration

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Giving your backyard a fresh new look could be as simple as repainting your old rusty metal furniture. Take a look at this tutorial.


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Turn a wheelbarrow into a movable bench or, if that seems like a lot of work and effort, buy it here!

Towel Hanger

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Make or purchase a ‘Towels’ sign and holder for your backyard, like this one from Etsy.

Bottle Opener

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Install a more permanent bottle opener outside so that you don’t have to search for one. Imagine sitting at your chair and just reaching over to pop a cap off!

Porch Curtains

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Whether you buy one specifically for your porch or patio, or use some stylish shower curtains, installing some shades for your outdoor area has several benefits. From shade to privacy to protection from inclement weather, colorful curtains to add an otherworldliness to your outdoor space!

Tree Trunk table

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If you’re into the natural look, get a tree trunk for a side table. Rest your drinks, books, and sunglasses on this handy little piece of nature.

Giant Wine Glass Cooler

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Aaah. Can’t you feel summer already by just looking at this?Relax in your backyard with a larger-than-life accessory – a large wine glass that functions as none other than a wine cooler. Get meta with a glass that literally holds multiple bottles of wine. Ok, so this one isn’t exactly afforable, but it’s too cool to not include.

Green Space Travel Case

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In case all else fails and you don’t have an outdoor space to decorate, here is a way to make your own outdoors. 😉 DIY Instructions here!

If this is all too much for you to keep track of, you can design your dream deck here.

What do you want for your backyard? Comment Below!

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