Be Kind on Black Friday

black friday Most of the time, we as customers don’t think about the sales associates unless there is something wrong, the shelves aren’t stocked, the display is a mess, or they can never be found when you need assistance. The sales associates are there to help you and they are often under-appreciated. Working long hours for little pay, standing on their feet all day, cleaning up other peoples messes, and dealing with the creepy and crabby customers is not a dream job but come Black Friday they are all there ready to take on the crowds. 

For the past 6 years, I’ve worked in retail at a few different places. I could tell you many stories of weird, grumpy, or overly friendly customers. But the best customers are the ones who are polite and understanding. These are the customers that I will tell about the coupons or the special deals. 

So here are a few tips to keep in mind to make you the best customer on Black Friday. 

    • Stay Calm, if something isn’t going your way try to remain calm and understanding. The sales associates are there to help you and as long as you are friendly they will want to help you.
    • Pick up After Yourself, the last thing anyone wants to do is clean up someone else’s mess. If all the customers returned the items to their proper places and threw away their trash, the sales associates would have more time and patience to help the customers like you.
    • Get a Babysitter, when shopping for long periods of time children often get antsy and impatient. Leave your children at home or bring something to keep them entertained. This way you are able to have more focus on your shopping.
    • Be Polite, when you need help ask politely for assistance. If you need to get their attention walk up to them and nicely ask face to face, don’t whistle, snap, or shout to get their attention. And a nice Please and Thank You will go a long way.

The main thing to remember when being the best customer is to show them respect and you will get the best deals they can offer. 

This year make a point to think of others, they are there to help but kindness goes a long way. Remember to be patient; they are moving as fast as they can. Know what items you want so that you can get in and out as quickly as possible. This will cut down on the crowds and the amount of assistance you might need from them. If you are having difficulty and need the help of a sales associate, pay attention to your tone of voice. Being calm and polite will get you a better outcome. And when you finally make it to the register and the cashier looks tired and worn out, greet them with a smile, it might just brighten their day.

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