Best-in-Class Textbook Deals Cheat Sheet: College/K-12

textbook 8/13/13: Updated for your back to school savings! :)

For some students, school is quickly approaching and its time to round up all your textbooks. When I was getting my undergraduate degree, I would wait until the last minute and pay a fortune at my campus bookstore. Do not make this mistake. I repeat, do not make this mistake. It will leave a big dent in your wallet. Luckily by the time that I was earning my MBA, I learned of the concept of “renting your textbooks” kudos to Chegg. I can’t express how much of a lifesaver that was. Some of my friends were paying triple what I paid to rent a book.

Beyond renting a book, there are lots of great websites like Amazon that offer brand new books that you can keep for cheap. In addition, they offer a great membership program called “Amazon Student” which is open to any current student. Members receive benefits such as six months of free two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime, and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions. That is perfect for people looking to get their hands on a textbook fast.

So take some time and check out our fabulous textbook merchant deal guide.

As my mom would always say “Readers are Leaders”! Happy Textbook shopping :)

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Apple Store (ibooks)




The Great Courses


Indigo Books & Music (Canada)





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