Best Mattress Buying Guide: It’s Time to Get Busy, Shopping!


Treat yourself to a better sleep with these mattress buying tips.How old is your mattress — 5 years, 10, 15? Do you have no clue because you bought it used at a thrift store?

You might enjoy your mattress with its lumps and springs poking in just the wrong places and, wait, where did that stain come from anyways? Your bed has a big job and it needs to be treated with some respect. You know you can do better. It’s time to break up with the old, sagging mattress and upgrade. Take back your snuggle fortress and treat yourself to a new mattress that fits your needs and supports you in all the right ways.

Memorial Day is a hot time for mattress sales, making now a great time to buy. The Huffington Post (c/o Lynn Andriani) stated that May is the best time to buy a mattress, as stores will make room for new stock with prices on older models being marked down.

According to The Better Sleep Council there are 10 different types of beds. Sorry futon and hammock lovers, you’re out of luck.

  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Waterbed Foam Mattress
  • Pillow Top Mattress
  • Gel Mattress
  • Air Bed
  • Memory Foam (Visco) Mattress
  • Latex Mattress
  • Adjustable Foundations

How many of these have you known about and considered? What have you been missing out on? If you don’t know what’s best for you, consider the pros and cons that each come with and make sure to do your research.


The Mattress Superlatives!

Best mattress for jumping in the bed

Mama call the doctor, because the best bed for monkeys jumping in the bed is the Innerspring Mattress. It just makes sense — springs make the bed bouncier, so they’re great for having fun.

Best mattress for couples with different firmness preferences

Goldilocks didn’t have to share a bed with anyone. What happens if the bed you feel is just right is too firm or too soft for your partner? Go with a mattress with different firmness levels on each side. This can be done in a few different types, but our winner is the Air Mattress, having adjustable levels like Sleep Number offers.

Best mattress for couples who can’t stand their partner’s tossing and turning

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials, but the Memory Foam Mattress absorbs movement instead of transferring it, making this mattress the best for fidgeting partners.

Best mattress for back pain reduction

Just beating out foam, Air Beds won the comfort battle in a study by Sleep Like The Dead, providing you with good support.

Best mattress for side sleeping

When sleeping on your side, in order for the most comfort the spine should be straight. A softer bed can do this, making the Pillow Top Mattress the winner.

Best mattress for reducing snoring

Sleeping more upright can reduce snoring by allowing more air to pass through. Therefore, the Adjustable Foundations mattress is the clear winner!

Best mattress for prolonging shopping again

This process isn’t easy, and why would you want to do it again soon? The mattress that lasts the longest is the Latex Mattress, reporting an average of 8 to 12 years in its lifespan.

But we don’t want to be the final judges. Try beds out for yourself to get the best match. There’s no shame in getting cozy on a mattress in the store. Have you heard of the SLEEP test?

How to test out a mattress.

Best Beds for Romance

There is, of course, another fact that can also be taken into consideration. This might not be something you want to try in the store during regular business hours, however. There are certain advantages and disadvantages that different types of mattress have when it comes to the art of breaking in the bed with romance.

Ways to Get Better Sleep

Scrawny to Brawny has a list of 10 ways to getting better sleep. While the list includes things like setting a sleep ritual, reducing lights and noise, and turning off your cell phone, the final (and most important step) is getting a new bed.

Are you convinced yet? Get out there and treat yourself to a better night’s sleep. Don’t forget to negotiate the price or ask them to throw in something extra. You might be able to score a free set of sheets or bedframe, or get the delivery fee dropped. It can’t hurt to try!

As with everything else, FatWallet is your guide to mattress shopping. Take advantage of coupons, sales, and cash back!

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