Bestselling Kids Math Gifts They’ll Actually Enjoy

Whether your child finds math difficult and needs more practice or whether your child is a math whizz, this selection from the bestselling math games on Amazon, provides both entertainment and education for elementary kids.

Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System

Trade some PSP or Nintendo DS time for time on the educational Leapster2 portable gaming system. Runs on batteries but a Recharging Station is sold separately. Play math, spelling and reading games on this Leapster2 and on the original Leapster.

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Star Wars – Jedi Math

Combining starflight battles and light saber duels with telling the time and arithmetic, this Leapster game has almost unanimous high scoring reviews on Amazon.

Leapster Arcade: Cosmic Math

Using the concept of blasting asteroids to answer questions on math facts, this Leapster game covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts and sums.

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game Scholastic Math Missions

Solve real life math problems in Spectacle City virtual city in this Leapster game. Earn money, calculate weights and reinforce arithmetic and geometry in order to save the local stores!

Math Smart – Multiplication

A quick and simple, but effective way to drill the times tables, this game is based on Dominoes with cards with questions on one half and the answer to another question on the other half.


Learn and practice arithmetic facts as well as percentages, those pesky word problems and basic algebra. Includes a musical beat and quiz show style announcements interspersed between the questions to keep children motivated.

Learning Mates Monkey Math

This game actually helps children to visualize the concept of addition and subtraction as they try to balance the individually weighted banana bunches.

Educational Insights Math Whiz

This is a full function calculator as well as a classic quiz console which teaches and tests arithmetic facts. A timeless classic.

Learning Resources Math Mat Challenge Game

Math married with physical exercise! Compete against the timer to answer counting and arithmetic questions. The amount of time allowed to answer each question decreases each time adding to the excitement. This game gets the blood rushing to the head, which will help to fix those math facts firmly into your child’s memory.

Learning Resources Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game

Place value is one of those basic math topics that can trip children up when they first meet it. Dinosaurs move around 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s tracks depending on the the digits rolled on 4 different dice. The game set also includes dinosaur themed math question for players of all levels to use their counting and addition and subtraction skills as well as to practice place value.

Guest contributor Caroline Mukisa provides math tips and practical advice at Maths Insider to help parents guide their children to math success.

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