Better Bras or Bust!

“I can’t tonight, I already took my bra off.”

If you’ve used this excuse before, and absolutely hate wearing bras because they are uncomfortable, or maybe you just don’t know how to properly buy a bra – this is for you! When you walk into a store and become very overwhelmed by the selection, do you think “What’s the difference between all of these?” As ladies, we’ve all been in that position before. Well now is the time to familiarize yourself, and stop being uncomfortable when bra shopping.

Bra Basics

Why are there so many different bras that look so similar?

-There are so many different types of bras, for so many different purposes and occasions, so let’s dig deeper & figure them all out!

First up, we have the Push-up Bra, needless to say, these push your breasts up. A push-up bra will typically have a deeper cut, and more padding to push your ladies together. These are the perfect frame for any date night, or a girl’s night out! There are many different levels of padding/push-up, depending on your desired amount!

Lily of France Push-Up Bra
Bare Necessities
Up next is the Demi Bra. What is a demi? A demi-framed bra will not cover you as much. You can find these with or without padding, but they still create some cleavage due to the fact that they have a lower cut on the cup. Because of the half-cup style, there isn’t great support with these.

Nina Dot Mesh PushUp Bra
Cover those babies up, with a Full-Cup Bra. These are great for an everyday wear because of the practicality. This type of bra will have great support, and are perfect for higher cut tops. These are also great for those who are a little more gifted than others.

Bold Lace Full Coverage Bra
Lane Bryant
If you are trying to strap the girls down, try a Minimizer Style Bra. A minimiser bra will redistribute while still keeping your shape. These are great for wearing tighter shirts, or button-up shirts to reduce the stretch or mis-shape between buttons.

Lilyette Plunge Minimizer Bra
Wireless Bras create great comfort. These bras typically provide a seamless and natural appearance. These are not commonly found with padding, which would be called an Unpadded Bra (which sometimes has a wire!). Bras without wires are okay to wear for any occasion, but make sure there is enough support in the cup for more modest occasions.

Caitlyn EL8033 Soft Cup Bra
Oh no! I have a backless shirt/dress, but am not going to go 100% natural – what do I do? Strapless Bras will save the day. These types of bras typically come with removal straps for multi-purpose uses. You can find these types both with or without padding, depending on your personal preference.

Hanes Concealing Strapless Bra
The dreaded “Uni-boob”, eek! Although a lot of Sports Bras can create a uni-boob, there are some out there that don’t. When buying a sports bra that is specific to your cup size, make sure to try it on! None of these will fit the same, and you are the judge of it. You should get a more restrictive bra for higher intensity workouts (cardio and running), and one with not as much support for laid back activity (yoga and pilates).

Nike Pro Women’s Sports Bra

Tips for your Tatas:

  • If you have a bun in the oven, or plan on it – don’t spend too much money on a bra early on in your pregnancy. Search for a maternity bra that will have some forgiveness, when you start growing.
  • Not every store will have the same size conversion – If you are a 36C at one store, you could be a 34D at the next. Make sure you try on a bra, before you buy your first one from a new brand.
  • Although some lingerie stores sell bra extenders (which extend the overall band length), you can get very inexpensive ones from craft stores to save money. Bra extenders help if your weight fluctuates to adjust the size of the bra instead of having to purchase all new ones.
  • Handwash all of your bras to keep the shape and high quality to last longer. Do not, I repeat, do not just throw your bras in with your other laundry in the dryer. This destroys your bras, and won’t last you nearly as long as they should.
  • You can give yourself a free 5-second boob job! If you bend so that your torso is perpendicular to the floor, bring your knockers up & in. This also helps if there is any gapping with your bra, as well as any side spillage.
  • When going into a lingerie store, or store that specializes in bras, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. The employees are trained to help you, not to make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Misconceptions About your Melons:

“A white bra will hide underneath any and all colors I wear”

FalseNude should be your go-to bra for underneath every color (even white.)

“I’m the only one that has two different sizes.”

False – A majority of women have two different sizes, and not many (if any) will have an exact pair. Bras are made to adjust (use the straps!) to compensate for these size differences.

“Adhesive bras will lose their stick, and won’t last even one night.”

False – Bras with adhesives (mainly used when wearing backless shirts) last for a long time. When not using, keep the bra in the packaging that it came with. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove any collection of fuzz.

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