Black Friday 2010, hot or not?

Did retailers finally take over American Thanksgiving? With ad leaks, ad rumors, and even ad releases seen as early as October 2010, shoppers had time to plan, shop ahead, and shop around, or wait for the most popular deals. Despite early Black Friday buzz, the hottest deals still hit closer to the holiday. FatWallet’s Black Friday coverage came from multiple channels like our @blackfridayFW twitter, Black Friday 2010 forum, Black Friday Filter, and Expert Picks.

Black Friday 2010 Forum
The first Black Friday ad rumor to hit FatWallet’s Black Friday 2010 forum, the Harbor Freight Black Friday 2010 Ad, came in as early as October 18. Posted by MrCodeDude, it was an immediate hit. But the most popular ad rumors posted by members this year were those for electronics dealers and posted closer to Black Friday itself. Black Friday ad rumors for Best Buy, Target, and Newegg received the highest ratings by users, while two Newegg deals, including Newegg’s ULTRA-SECRET Black Friday Deals! Received the highest views per day.

Black Friday Filter
Did you meet our new BFF? FatWallet staff pumped the Black Friday Filter database full of store, product, and pricing information as soon as ad rumors hit. Every Black Friday ad rumor to land on FatWallet was easily sorted in one central location for consumers looking to drill down to exactly the product or store on their Black Friday radar. This new product received positive and constructive feedback:

“I used it and thought it was great. I knew exactly what I was looking for but did not know where to find it let alone find it at the best price so it was very helpful.” – Karen Olsen (Facebook)

“…I would like to see the concept developed, like adding links to the ads (maybe?). Also, it would have been nice to know which items were considered “door busters” and which ones extended a couple days (without having to filter them). Again, I had to refer to the ads. Thanks for making a great tool available to us. I hope to see more of it in the future.” – 116sloppyjoe116 (FatWallet member)

Black Friday Expert Picks
Our expert deal hunters were on the look out this year for the Best Black Friday Deals. Once again, electronics ruled with Westinghouse 40″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $298, Toshiba Satellite 15.6″ Laptop, $197.99, and eMachine (eME528-2325) 15.6″ Laptop, $198 leading in popularity.

Was Black Friday 2010 hot or not? From the traffic and activity we’ve seen, yes, Black Friday 2010 was hot. But that’s just our take. How did you fare this year? Did FatWallet’s coverage point you to the deal or products on your list? Did you nab it from the convenience of your PC or brave the lines?

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