Black Friday Shopping Tip 41: Cash Back Tips

There are 41 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and holiday shopping tips.

Today’s Tip:

Cash Back Tips

We try hard to make things work auto-magically for you when you’re shopping here at FatWallet, but every once in a while someone doesn’t get the cash back they think they’re getting. So here are a few simple tips to help you avoid the common cash back mistakes and make the most of your cash back shopping on FatWallet, Black Friday and everyday!

  • Make sure you’re logged into FatWallet before you start your shopping.

  • Browse our cash back stores or coupons and deals looking for the cash back symbol .
  • Make sure you’re clicking through a link to a cash back merchant on FatWallet and going directly to the store.
  • Make sure any items in your cart were added after clicking the FatWallet link.
  • Complete your shopping purchase before clicking away to any other sites.
  • Using coupons that are not marked with the cash back symbol may void your cash back.
  • Make sure you’re shopping from a computer not your phone. Cash back doesn’t track well through mobile devices.

Remember, to follow these simple tips to ensure your cash back shopping is a success. And don’t forget that if you ever have any questions about your cash back, we’ve got a team of employees who are here to help you! :)

Video Tip: 63 Seconds

40 Tips to Go! :) Please feel free to share any black Friday countdown ideas you have and any topics you’d like me to touch upon in the comments below.

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