Black Friday Shopping Tip 90 Day Countdown

There are 90 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and shopping tips.

Yikes, what did I just commit to? Do you think I can actually find or come up with 90 savvy shopping tips?

We posted today on the FW blog an infographic on how much money NOOBS waste shopping retail that savvy shoppers save when it comes to electronics. That post got me thinking today about how much I’ve learned since being here at FatWallet and how much more I’d love to learn about savvy shopping!

So, in my typical “Heather Style” I’m jumping in with both feet and committing to publishing a series of tips, one per day here on the FatWallet blog. Each tip will be short, sweet, and packed with an actionable step or savings tip you can use to save you and your family money as we head into the Holiday shopping season.

I’ve even sweet talked Carmelina, our rockin’ receptionist to do a video for you introducing each tip of the day!

I think this will be a fun and wallet fattening series for us all! :)

Today’s Tip:

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    Signing up is easy.

    1. Log into FatWallet
    2. Go to the Blog:
    3. Click on the box that says subscribe (I’ve pasted a screen shot image below for you, just in case you don’t see it.)

    That’s it. Your Done!

(One down, 89 to go…I’m still feeling intimidated.)

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