Black Friday Shopping Tips: 90 Day Countdown Master List

Miss a Black Friday Money Saving Tip?

Here’s the master list…

So, I had a “Heather-ish” moment in late August when I realized that there were 90 days until Black Friday 2011. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my 3rd Quarter goal and decided it would be fun to do a 90 day countdown of money saving and shopping tips.

I started off overzealous, as I tend to be when I’m excited about something, until the realization set in that 90 was A LOT of tips, and I instantly felt fear. “Yikes, what did I just commit to?”

So I did what any girl in my situation would do, I recruited a friend to do it with me. I’ve sweet talked Carmelina Korasick, our rockin’ receptionist, to do a video for you introducing each tip of the day!

So far it’s been a fun and wallet fattening series for everyone!

While I’ve had the hard job of thinking up and gathering all the tips and writing the post, Carmelina’s got the tough job of putting up with the pranks and shenanigans from all the Walleteers who like to tease her as she’s recording the videos. How she concentrates in all the commotion at the front desk is beyond me, but it’s resulted in some fun and rather surprising videos.


Heather & Carmelina

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