Black Friday Tip 61: Liking Leads to Spending

There are 61 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and holiday shopping tips.

Protect your Black Friday budget by knowing the 6 marketing mind games (based on the book Influence, the Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini) that stores and sales people play on you to get you to buy!

Today’s Tip:

Buyer Beware of: Liking Leads to Spending

People do business with those they know, like and trust. It’s one of the oldest rules of sales known to man and it can also be one of the pitfalls of spending too much if we’re not careful.

It’s easy to resist the sales techniques of someone we don’t like and next to impossible to resist people we do like.

Ladies, think about the home parties you’ve been invited to in the past. A friend arranges a gathering at her house where a consultant comes to sell her products. It’s much harder to say no when your friend has invited you and you know you’ll let her down if you don’t buy.

We like attractive people, we like people who compliment us, we like people who are similar to us, and we like people who understand us.

Sales people and marketers know this and use these things to get us to buy.

Imagine walking into a store glancing around trying to find the section of the store you’re looking for. An attractive sales person compliments your new coat and asks you how they can help you. You mention you are thinking of buying your spouse an iPad. They tell you how lucky your spouse is, that your spouse is going to absolutely love the gift, and what a great choice you’re making and how you’ve come in at the right time because it’s on sale today.

They’re likely to get the sale without a whole lot of selling having to be done.

Would you get the best deal possible on the gift? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on if you’ve done your homework.

Plenty of likeable sales people will be ready to tell you just want you want to hear. Stick to your budget, stick to your goals, and don’t be swayed or mislead by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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