Black Friday Tip #69: Strategic Shopping for Free Shipping

There are 69 days until Black Friday 2011 and we’re counting them down with money saving and holiday shopping tips.

Today’s Tip:

Strategic Shopping for Free Shipping

It’s just part of our way of life these days. Very few of us can really travel over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for our holiday gatherings any more. Trying to lug gifts on a plane is a nightmare, and shipping…well it’s expensive no matter how you cut it. Unless…

You strategically shop for free shipping offers to send to your out of town relatives! Keep your eyes out for free shipping offers while you’re online and do your shopping early enough that it can arrive on time since free shipping options usually take a little longer to be delivered.

68 Tips to Go! :) Please feel free to share any black Friday countdown ideas you have and any topics you’d like me to touch upon in the comments below. :)

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