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FatWallet is Looking for Blog Writers!

We’re revamping our blogging program and are looking for experts to write for us in 2013. In a nutshell, we want to promote you and make you money! Interested? Read on to see if you’re a good fit!

Here are some qualities we’re looking for in writers:

  • Do you have an understanding of and passion for frugality, shopping, deal-hunting, couponing, technology, travel, personal finance, family, health & beauty, home decor, DIY, and/or fashion?
  • Do you keep up with the latest buzz in tech and finance and have a fun but simple way of teaching it to those of us who use it, but don’t necessarily get how it works or what to look for when buying gadgets?
  • Do you have a reputation for being the go-to person on a topic. Do people always ask you for advice in a certain niche?

If you answer yes to these questions above, you could make a great blogger for FatWallet! As a writer we’ll start off asking you to write a few posts as a trial to see how it goes. If things work out well, we’ll consider a more permanent relationship.

Here’s how to apply:

Please fill out the guest blogger application (survey) below. We’re open to bloggers from anywhere, but please keep in mind your content must be geared towards a US audience and written in US English.

Would you make a great FatWallet blogger? Tell us why…

Please be patient with us. We get a lot of submissions. We will read all of them and consider each submission carefully.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of blogging at FatWallet:


    1. Exposure to a large and growing audience!
      • 2,500,000 FatWallet members
      • 36,000+ Facebook followers
      • 26,000+ Monthly unique blog readers
      • 114,000+ Twitter followers (heavy retweeters)
    2. SEO Benefits & Exposure:

You’re allowed to link to your blog in your author bio (Brand link only, please no exact match anchor text links). In addition, you’ll be able to create your own personalized author page on FatWallet.

    1. Monetize your Blog:

As a FatWallet Blogger, we’ll help you monetize your blog through our referral program and blogger giveaways and you may even be invited to become a FatWallet brand ambassador! Cha’Ching!

Not a writer? Not a worry!

We’re open to exploring content from video bloggers and podcasters as well!

Join the FatWallet Bloggers List

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  • Our editorial calendar
  • What’s happening on FatWallet in the coming month
  • Topics we would like to publish on the FatWallet blog


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    I hope you are well. I’m a freelance writer and I wanted to pitch an article that I think would be a great fit for Fat Wallet.

    The article is called ‘Top Five Ways for Investors to Maximize Profit in 2014‘ and it considers which profit maximizing tips are the most beneficial. Taking into account recent developments in the real estate industry, such as increasing vacancy rates, the article offers advice on how to future-proof profits against potential losses as the economy continues to recover. The article is well referenced, approx. 850 words with a selection of images and there would be no charge to feature it onsite.

    Please let me know if you’d like to review the article and I can send it over. You can see examples of my work on my Google+ profile, which is linked on my Twitter profile. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,

    Ella Jameson

    Google+ Ella Jameson

  2. says


    I came across your blog while looking for some useful content, and quite frankly, I am hooked. You are surely doing an exceptional job.

    I am chief writer for Canvashub & would like to contribute to your blog with some perceptive content that is in-sync with your overall theme. I assure the article would be of great value to your readers and will be totally original.

    Please tell me what you think of the proposition.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Simran Garg

  3. says

    I would love to contribute a post to your blog. I’ve read your guidelines, and I’m good to go. Sort of. It seems there is no mention of how or where to submit a guest post. I’m sure you have an idea, it’s your site! Could you share the secret with me?

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