Can’t Decide on a Tablet or Pad? A NOObie’s Roundup

I know I want one, but it’s hard to decide what tablet or pad to buy. I really don’t know the first thing about them except they’re cool, useful, occupy my kids when they play with them, and I want one.

We all have the HP TouchPad on our mind. With the drastic price drop, it may be worth waiting it out and hoping to get your hands on one for $99, as mentioned in the blog Confirmed: More TouchPads to Come. It’s in high demand because of the low price, and it’s a nice pad. The list price was $399 and you may currently find some around $245.

When you’re looking, consider this market will see drastic changes in price, technology and competition. According to Forrester research, they suggest Amazon could sell as many as 5 million tablets in Q4 from undercutting iPad’s price. With all the buzz, and originally wanting an iPad, I decided to look at a few other options other than the HP TouchPad.

I hope my NOObie roundup helps any of you in the same boat (I’m on board but in rocky waters!)


The iPad has looks and brains, to put it simply. The iPad is thin, light and fast with powerful browsing, gaming and HD camera and video. If you’re patient, wait for the anticipated iPad3 release in early 2012. But, if an iPad is on your Christmas list, keep a close eye on minimal price drops around Black Friday to save on ipads and ipad accessories. List price starting at $499.

TIP: Amazon currently offers trade-ins for Amazon gift cards if you want to trade-up or change your mind on a product. For example, they’re offering up to $396 on the newest iPad2 with 16GB and Wifi. It’s something to consider if you are dreaming of the iPad3 arrival.

Motorola Xoom

I’ve seen great ratings as far as capabilities and performance. It’s also dubbed as a serious pad for techies. It’s slightly heavier and wider and features a Honeycomb user interface, great customization, and is fully loaded with GPS, gyro, barometer and more. List price is around $499.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It’s a great contender to the iPad and features a light, thin and portable design. It’s an Android 3.1 tab with high-def resolution, a suite of Google services, and is great for multi-tasking. Plus, add on a keyboard dock. List price is around $499.99.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

It’s considered one of the best android tablets with an aggressively lower price for what you get. It features a sleek, light design, Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) operating system and would be an efficient choice for an extension or replacement to a laptop. It was featured in Engadget’s 2011 School Guide and comes with a keyboard dock option. List price is around $399.

BlackBerry Playbook

A great choice for the Blackberry fan. It features a superior word processor, wireless file transfers, a bluetooth connection to Blackberry smartphones, good performance and solid web browsing. List price is around $499.

X10 AirPad

It’s a great choice for a cheap price, depending on your needs. It’s lightweight, 5-point multi-touch control and powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The resolution and camera aren’t up to par with some competitors, if that’s an important feature for you. It’s talked up to be perfect for students as a great web browser, social media and email resource, as well as, the perfect E-reader, with Nook or kindle app options. List price is $199.00.

For Kids: LeapFrog Tablet

It’s a great educational and fun tablet for kids 4-9. It has great reviews, offers interactive apps, educational games, a broad curriculum, built-in camera and video recorder. It’s easy for kids to use and works with Leapster games. List price is around $99. Keep an eye out for this deal on Black Friday.

Assess Your Needs

Keep in mind, pricing will depend on features and specifications, so it’s important to know what you need. Reference the How to Buy the Best Tablet to help answer important questions about all of the tablet and pad options taking the world by storm. Once you decide what pad or tablet you want, check for electronic deals, promo codes, free shipping coupons and daily deal sites. For example, start with an electronics deal site like Newegg, add a Newegg coupon for $10 off new customers or 3% cash back for savings on top of discounted deals.

Black Friday Tablet Deals

You can bet there will be early Black Friday sales and door busters for tablets and pads. Check out other possibilities to purchase now or to watch for when Black Friday deals start leaking. If you want to know as soon as deals leak or you want to search specific Black Friday deals, check out the 2011 Black Friday Deal Finder.

Compare 2010 Tablet Black Friday Deals:

  • Toys R Us: Android Sylvania tablet $140
  • Kmart: Augen Android tablet $139.
  • Ultimate Electronics: Archos 43 Vision 8GB Media Tablet $99.99
  • Sony iDash Internet Touch Tablet $129.99
  • Velocity Micro 7” Tablet $249.99
  • Best Buy: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Tablet (Sprint)$549.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Tablet (Verizon)$549.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Tablet$549.99

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