Parents say teens need laptops and smartphones for school

teen girl smiling with mobile phone

Back to School Spending Up This Year: FatWallet surveyed American parents and asked them about their spending plans for this year’s Back to School season, what’s #1 on their shopping lists and how much they’ll spend this year. Parents also shared their views on when they thought students should have their own tech products (laptops,… 

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Tax Free Weekend 2014: Back To School Plus More

tax free weekend

All you cash-back, money-saving, deal-hunting, bargain-hunters grab your pen, stylus, smart phone, Siri, or whatever you use and mark your calendars, because you do not want to miss this years Tax Free Holiday. Summers end is near and there hasn’t been a better time to save money on school supplies, clothing, cell phones and laptops…. 

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How to Get Your Degree Without the Debt

According to College Data, the average expenses for only one year of college is $22,261, but let’s just use round numbers and say $22,000, which means four years of college is going to set you back about $88,000. That’s for a public college, which means a private college would be even more expensive! So where does all that money go?

Here’s a brief breakdown of expenses for in-state students going to a public college and how you can pay for all of this…