Money Advice for The College Graduate

Graduation is a scary time – trust me, as someone in the throes of it, I feel your pain. The future has never looked quite so mysterious and open. But besides the worrying about a job, apartment, town to live in and all of that, there is something else most likely on your mind (as it is mine): money.

Busy Mom’s Budget Friendly Meal Planning Secrets

meal planning

Simplify family dinners! Check out these meal planning websites that offer inexpensive weekly menu plans, grocery lists, and preparation instructions for yummy healthy, quick dinners. I’ve rounded up some great menu planning resources for you and included their free sample menus, giving you dozens and dozens of free recipes to try in today’s post! Yum!

Cutting Expenses Like an Entrepreneur

When you start a business, it’s all about profits. Your income minus your expenses. To stay in business, you need to make money, spend less, and book some profits. If you have no profit, you have no business.

When you think about it, you’re not that much different on that score. You have income, you have expenses, and the difference is your savings. Your savings are you future. They are your future retirement, your future vacations, your future house, your future car, your future family… your savings are your future. Without savings, you’ll work until the day you die.

Discover three ways entrepreneurs trim expenses that can be used in your life too.

How to Get Your Degree Without the Debt

According to College Data, the average expenses for only one year of college is $22,261, but let’s just use round numbers and say $22,000, which means four years of college is going to set you back about $88,000. That’s for a public college, which means a private college would be even more expensive! So where does all that money go?

Here’s a brief breakdown of expenses for in-state students going to a public college and how you can pay for all of this…

Penny Wise Pound Foolish: What Losing Weight Will Cost You

losing weight

Losing weight will more than shrink your waist measurement; it will shrink your wallet too!

You’re going to either pay for a healthy lifestyle to prevent getting sick or health-care to try and make you well. And while that decision seems like it should be an easy one, it’s hard to find a weight loss program that you can stick with, and even harder to find one that won’t make you go broke in the process!

Here’s a mega list of weight loss programs and what they cost by the pound…

Department Store Debit Cards Pros & Cons

store debit cards

As a financial coach, I’m well-prepared for the onslaught of high-pressure credit card sales pitches that seem to come EVERY time I get in the checkout lane when shopping. No, no, NO credit cards for me! I haven’t had a personal credit card in close to ten years. I’d gotten myself into plenty of trouble with credit cards in the past and it’s just better that I don’t have one. I have debit cards for two personal checking accounts and my business account, and haven’t missed having a credit card at all.

Credit Cards Aren’t Evil: You are!

I read a lot of personal finance blogs, and one thing I hear over and over again is “don’t use credit cards”, “credit cards are evil!” or “they are what got you into debt in the first place.” I personally don’t think this is the case at all. Credit cards aren’t this evil entity that manipulates my life. They aren’t pushing me into debt any more than a fork is jamming pie into my pie hole, and forcing me to carry around the extra 25lbs I am currently hauling around. Like that fork, it’s a tool nothing more, nothing less.

Know Where your Donations are Going

If you’re big on charitable giving, the likelihood is that you have a tendency to wonder where exactly it is that you’re hard earned money is being spent. It’s nice to know that the money you’ve donated is being allocated properly and that by giving you are making a difference.

If, like me, you do spend time before you donate researching the eventual destination of your money (in today’s economically driven world it’s only natural to want to see a good return on your investment), then here are some tips on making sure your donation goes to those that need it most.