Top 10 Fashion Blunders Below The Belt

As we sail into summer fashion and warm-weather wear, it’s always fun to look back at some throwback styles that made an impact (for better or for worse) on the trends of today. Sit back and relax; we’re going to take a look at the pleasant and the not-so-pleasant progression of popular pants styles. These are our top 10 favorite pants-related memories, in no particular order. Feel free to let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments!

Penny Wise Pound Foolish: What Losing Weight Will Cost You

losing weight

Losing weight will more than shrink your waist measurement; it will shrink your wallet too!

You’re going to either pay for a healthy lifestyle to prevent getting sick or health-care to try and make you well. And while that decision seems like it should be an easy one, it’s hard to find a weight loss program that you can stick with, and even harder to find one that won’t make you go broke in the process!

Here’s a mega list of weight loss programs and what they cost by the pound…