Coconut Oil Uses That Save Money

coconut oil use

Get the scoop on the main coconut oil benefits that can improve your life and save you money! It’s claimed to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and a cancer preventative while also supporting thyroid function, helping with acid-reflux, and keeping skin youthful. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve listed items in your household you can replace with coconut oil and save some bucks, while often making your life healthier!

Let’s Go Camping: This Weekend is the Great American Backyard Campout

great american backyard camping 2014

The kids have been off school for a while now, just long enough to say, “we’re bored!” If left to their own devices, they’d be playing devices (video games, tv, ipads) all day. It’s time to make them go outside to play and make up some non-digital fun! Great American Backyard Campout! The National Wildlife Foundation is… 

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Top 5 Circular Saws for Guys Who Work With Wood

Seen one circular saw, seen them all, right? Although these tools look very similar on the surface, they can differ drastically in features, performance and price. Depending on your level of of do-it-yourself, picking the right circular saw can make you a better builder and save you some serious money, especially now during prime tool buying season and current Father’s Day sales.

Top 5 Cordless Combo Tool Kits for Devoted DIYers

Perhaps the hottest tool on the market is the Lithium Ion battery. Yep, a battery that powers all of your tools with power, long run times and fast charging. These batteries come with new cordless combination tool kits which are some of the top selling tool items this year. These 5 kits should give you big bang for your buck no matter what level DIYer you are.

Cheap Furniture: How to Buy a Couch That Will Look Great and Last

Save money by buying quality Cheap Furniture

Buying furniture is one of the harder purchases to make. It’s difficult to tell if you’re getting a bargain or a piece of junk. That cheap couch may look great on the outside, but may only last a year or two before the fabric or cushions start to wear out. So here’s a guild to buying quality cheap furniture that can stand up to kids, pets, and daily use.

Save Big Money on Big Ticket Home Purchases

There’s something so renewing about spring that makes me want to do home improvement projects. Or maybe it’s the sales on things like appliances, mattresses, furniture, lawn equipment, and grills? Whatever the reason now really is the best time to buy those big ticket items on your list. With these bigger ticket purchases the cash back can really add up to big savings, especially when you stack the sale savings with cash back from FatWallet, and your credit card rewards too!