Dell Small Business Giveaway: Win a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet!

Win a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet from Dell Small Business

Dell Small Business has helped many small business owners get today’s leading technology for less. The Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet is no exception. Whether you’re looking for something to take your business to the next level, or to use for personal recreational use, its flexibility in apps and portability can help you work and… 

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Student Laptop Buying Guide 2014

laptop coupons

Today, students of every age have one need in common: access to a computer. The computer is essential for child development, but laptops have become the ultimate learning tool for students offering the most convenience, power, connectivity and versatility in one portable package. With a little planning and research, confident purchases are nearly as easy… 

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Will New Makeup Technology Make Expensive Beauty Counters Go Extinct?

Can we save money on makeup with new technology?

I’m sure you’ve already seen amazing things come from 3D printers, like the DIY dad who made his son a prosthetic hand, saving the family tens of thousands of dollars. Check out this young inventor who has created a printer that takes any color you find on the web or real life and turns it into makeup. Depending on how much you spend on makeup, it’s projected $300 price tag might not be a money-saver, but in the hands of an entrepreneurial teenager it very well could be a major money-maker!

Make a Modern Kitchen with New Technology in Stores Now!

Kitchen technology has changed the way people cook. The technology today can make even the most amateur cooks feel like top chefs. If your old oven is held shut with a bungee cord (shout out to my parents!), this post will surely make you want to get the latest technology with your kitchen remodeling.

We’re not talking far off future here. This cutting edge technology is in stores and able to purchased today. If having a small budget is a concern, you can always settle for technology with fewer frills, but still a big step forward. Either way, take your kitchen to the next level, and earn cash back while doing so. Don’t forget about the money you can save on your bills with the greater efficiency that today’s technology offers!

Ultimate HDTV Buying Guide

HDTV buying guide

Shopping for a new TV is painful. The amount of information overload is staggering – and that doesn’t include the copious amounts of specification spin that salesmen are going to drop on you. We are here to help! We’ve built a comprehensive HDTV buying guide that will explain exactly what each specification means, and which ones are worth paying attention to. You’ll be confident and prepared enough to purchase a great TV at a fantastic price – all without dealing with the annoying salesmen. Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen; this is going to be a informative ride!

LAPTOP Deals: Black Friday Recap and 2013 Predictions

As predicted in 2012, laptop deals were popular with shoppers with a record number of laptop and notebook deals (156 deals from 28 stores) and some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. There were 22 models under $300 and at least 4 models under $200. But were they the best? This “Best of Black Friday” series will give you the skinny on last year’s holiday bargains and some thought for predictions on Black Friday 2013.

Cool Gadgets Every College Student Needs

College Gadgets

It’s that time of year again, and parents are scrambling to organize everything for the college bound son or daughter. You spent the entire summer getting all the paper work completed to send your child off to their first year of college. Financial aid is done, enrollment is done, you got all the books they need for their classes. You bought them a iPad, laptop, smartphone, and coffeemaker and think you have all the basics covered, and you do. In this article, I’m going to go through a few gadgets that are not a necessity, but will make your child’s first year of college a bit easier.