Green Monday Friends & Family Sales 2013

If you’ve never heard of Green Monday you’re not alone. It was coined by eBay back in 2007 when they noticed that the second Monday in December had record breaking sales. ComScore said that last year, “Green Monday reached $1.275 billion in spending, ranking as the third heaviest online spending day for the season to-date.”

This year looks to be following in the footsteps of 2012, if the sales we’re seeing on FatWallet are any indication. Our fabulous deal hunter, Kim, helped me round up the best Green Monday sales from top stores, many of which are Friends and Family sales!

Cyber Monday Deals Preview 2013

Cyber Monday…the best Monday of the year for smart shoppers. With deals equal to or even better than Black Friday, in many cases, and the ability to shop from home (or work) it’s no wonder why.

There’s also a fun element of suspense since merchants don’t leak their Cyber Monday deals as early as they do for Black Friday. So to help you get a head start on your Cyber Monday shopping list, here’s a preview of some Cyber Monday deals our members and staff have been posting on the site.

To Cyber Monday and Beyond!

After all the preparations, scanning ads, loading deals, and buzzing in social it feels like the shopping soiree should be coming to a close, but smart shoppers know it’s only just beginning! There are a lot more fantastic frugal shopping days ahead. I’ll run through them in today’s post helping you space out your holiday shopping and bargain hunting over the next few weeks!

Choosy Shoppers Choose These Deals: Black Friday 2013

Currently there are 31,457 deals from the ad-scans we’ve added to the Black Friday Deal Finder! To simplify your search for the best gift at the best price I’ve taken a few minutes to round up the top deals chosen by the choosy shoppers of the FatWallet community!

Use this list to help you gather ideas for what to get people on your holiday gift list and to compare to see if a deal you see in the store is a great price or not!

Black Friday Survival Guides Master List

Black Friday is almost here! Dozens of stores have already leaked their Black Friday Deals, with more yet to come! To simplify your shopping we’ve created a bunch of Black Friday Survival Guides for the most popular of stores that include the stores’ ad, deals, store hours, doorbuster hours, return policy and price match policy! Pretty much, everything you’d need to know about shopping at that store, corralled into one location for easy reference!

How to Spot Shady Gadget Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013

If you’re an avid follower of the blog, you obviously know the value of a great deal, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you can look forward to some of the deepest discounts of the year. As you’re taking advantage of the wallet-saving prices, it’s important to look out for deals that are simply too good to be true.

Bad electronics have now been dubbed “anti-deals,” low-priced, substandard products that look great in the ream of Sunday ads about to hit your mailbox, but are less than stellar once you compare apples to apples with truly good products. Here are some tips on how to avoid the bad deals while taking advantage of the good: