Hot Summertime Family Fun Ideas

summertime family fun

School’s out for summer! The kids are home and before we know it, we’re going to start hearing that age-old anthem to summer, “We’re bored.” We’re here to help you ward it off with a master list of frugal but fun family ideas to keep the clan entertained and out of trouble!

Let’s Go Camping: This Weekend is the Great American Backyard Campout

great american backyard camping 2014

The kids have been off school for a while now, just long enough to say, “we’re bored!” If left to their own devices, they’d be playing devices (video games, tv, ipads) all day. It’s time to make them go outside to play and make up some non-digital fun! Great American Backyard Campout! The National Wildlife Foundation is… 

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11 Reasons that Prove Dads are Awesome

Father's Day: 11 Reasons Dads are Awesome

Dads are awesome, and Father’s Day is the ultimate time to celebrate this fact. While I’m sure you can spit out fact after fact that shows how great dads are, here are 11 more! Although some of them might not relate to your dad specifically, know that there are dads out there who are appreciated for what they do for their children. So as you get ready to spoil your dad with a new tie (but come on, you can do better) praise your dad with all the reasons that highlight his amazingness!

Escape the 9 to 5: Surprising Work From Home Jobs

The job search can be a tiring process for anyone. I myself am going through the existential process of being in my last semester of college and what exactly I should be doing as a career after graduation. And at times, getting to work from home – or wherever you are – sounds like an excellent solution. Luckily, there are tons of careers (that aren’t scams!) which can allow you to do just this!

Top Tips for Traveling with Kids

Family vacations are meant to be fun, but the slogan “getting there is half the fun,” does not always ring true when you’re traveling with kids. No parent wants to suffer and struggle to wrangle stir-crazy kiddos into seat belts for hours on end.

I’ve got you covered for the next time you’re traveling with children, whether in a plane or a car. By keeping your kids happy throughout the long periods of traveling, you’ll keep your stress levels down and make your vacation a success!