Money Advice for The College Graduate

Graduation is a scary time – trust me, as someone in the throes of it, I feel your pain. The future has never looked quite so mysterious and open. But besides the worrying about a job, apartment, town to live in and all of that, there is something else most likely on your mind (as it is mine): money.

Using Credit Card Rewards to Travel Home For The Holidays

And amid the shopping frenzies, hot cocoa sugar high and Christmas music being played WAY too early in the season, there’s a sense of magic in the air that only the holidays can bring. And nowhere else is that magic more present than everyone gathering together at home for the holidays.

How Are YOU Going To Get Back Home?

Well, let me help at least ease the burden of holiday season travel by showing you how you can get home and back for FREE using credit card rewards.

Busy Mom’s Budget Friendly Meal Planning Secrets

meal planning

Simplify family dinners! Check out these meal planning websites that offer inexpensive weekly menu plans, grocery lists, and preparation instructions for yummy healthy, quick dinners. I’ve rounded up some great menu planning resources for you and included their free sample menus, giving you dozens and dozens of free recipes to try in today’s post! Yum!

Cutting Expenses Like an Entrepreneur

When you start a business, it’s all about profits. Your income minus your expenses. To stay in business, you need to make money, spend less, and book some profits. If you have no profit, you have no business.

When you think about it, you’re not that much different on that score. You have income, you have expenses, and the difference is your savings. Your savings are you future. They are your future retirement, your future vacations, your future house, your future car, your future family… your savings are your future. Without savings, you’ll work until the day you die.

Discover three ways entrepreneurs trim expenses that can be used in your life too.