11 St. Patrick’s Day Beers That Go Down Like a Guinness World Record

Guinness has inspired more than eight main style varieties of medium to full-bodied stouts with a wide range of tastes, feel and alcohol levels. Bringing chocolate, coffee, oatmeal, milk, dark fruit and big oak barrel-aged characteristics, stouts represent everything a real beer drinker could ever wish for…distinguished, velvety-smooth choice of brews to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day and compare for a lifetime.

St. Patrick’s Day Homemade Shamrock Shake Recipes

McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes are a highlight of the year for me. I’ve loved the cool minty flavor for as long as I can remember and look forward to them around Valentine’s day every year.

But they’re only available a few weeks out of the year. So I went on the hunt for some Shamrock Shake recipes to try at home. I even found a few healthy weight loss smoothie versions of the mint shake to try! If you ask me, that’s a breakfast worth waking up for!

Check ‘em out in the blog, grab your blender, and indulge in a little mint magic this March!

Dark Chocolate: 8 Healthy Reasons to Eat Your Heart Out on Valentine’s Day

You may have shied away from chocolates on Valentine’s Days past, citing its high levels of sugar, calories, and bad saturated fats. And those are valid reasons. But let me present to you eight wonderful reasons why chocolate is good for you, and why you should be eating it NOT ONLY on February 14th, but several times a week (if not every day).

Dr. George Krucik from Healthline.com says: “The benefits of dark chocolate on the heart, on the risk of diabetes and impact that the antioxidant flavonoids in chocolate may provide – outweigh the risks of the saturated fats and calories that come along for the ride.”

Busy Mom’s Budget Friendly Meal Planning Secrets

meal planning

Simplify family dinners! Check out these meal planning websites that offer inexpensive weekly menu plans, grocery lists, and preparation instructions for yummy healthy, quick dinners. I’ve rounded up some great menu planning resources for you and included their free sample menus, giving you dozens and dozens of free recipes to try in today’s post! Yum!

Hot Deal: Free Starbucks Signature Iced Drink for Targeted Starbucks Members

starbucks deal

Enjoy a Free Tall Cold Beverage Including Frappacino (R) through June 18. “Enjoy one of our signature iced drinks, including our newest Frappuccino® blended beverages, Starbucks Refreshers®, iced coffee or shaken iced tea.” Print the offer or show it on your mobile device and pay with your registered Starbucks Card. Offer good at participating US and Canada Starbucks stores.