What to Buy in September: 2014 Shopping Trends

September Shopping Trends and Sales

Best time of year to shop clearance and shop early! When is shopping early, smart? Waiting for “after clearance” clearance can produce the absolute lowest price, but settling for what’s left will sacrifice selection, and most likely quality. This is where jumping on Labor Day sales and summer clearance deals on the bigger ticket items… 

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Coconut Oil Uses That Save Money

coconut oil use

Get the scoop on the main coconut oil benefits that can improve your life and save you money! It’s claimed to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and a cancer preventative while also supporting thyroid function, helping with acid-reflux, and keeping skin youthful. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ve listed items in your household you can replace with coconut oil and save some bucks, while often making your life healthier!

Tax Free Weekend 2014: Back To School Plus More

tax free weekend

All you cash-back, money-saving, deal-hunting, bargain-hunters grab your pen, stylus, smart phone, Siri, or whatever you use and mark your calendars, because you do not want to miss this years Tax Free Holiday. Summers end is near and there hasn’t been a better time to save money on school supplies, clothing, cell phones and laptops…. 

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Money Advice for The College Graduate

Graduation is a scary time – trust me, as someone in the throes of it, I feel your pain. The future has never looked quite so mysterious and open. But besides the worrying about a job, apartment, town to live in and all of that, there is something else most likely on your mind (as it is mine): money.

Best Mattress Buying Guide: It’s Time to Get Busy, Shopping!

How old is your mattress — 5 years, 10, 15? Do you have no idea because you bought it used at a thrift store? You might enjoy your mattress with its lumps and springs poking in just the wrong places and, wait, where did that stain come from anyways? Your bed has a big job and it needs to be treated with some respect. You know you can do better. It’s time to break up with the old, sagging mattress and upgrade. Take back your snuggle fortress and treat yourself to a new mattress that fits your needs and supports you in all the right ways.

Money Saving Tips for Families and Households on a Budget

Children are expensive, and the amount that parents spend on raising them is much more than it used to be. In fact, the Department of Agriculture recently announced a study estimating the costs of raising a child to be approximately $235,000. If your family wasn’t already on a budget before you had kids, changing your spending habits to start saving money now may seem daunting and difficult. While money won’t ultimately buy you happiness, reducing your debt and saving money can bring you peace of mind, security, and the financial freedom to pursue the things in life that make you happy. Here are a few helpful money saving tips for families looking to build up their emergency fund, save for retirement, and build wealth.