Cheap Wine Friday: A green, and 3 whites

June 8, 2012 | Posted By: Troy Redington | Categorized in: Food & Dining Out
This week was a bit different. Word spread that there was wine in my office and several new faces joined in for the sampling. We also started a little earlier, and ended up opening up four different bottles of wine. The crowd favorite gets the image!

Antonio Futuro Vinho Verde

From what I understand, this is a 'green wine.' Green wine doesn't come from a special grape varietal, it simply means that it's a 'young wine.' It may have had a greenish tint, but it was mostly yellow in color. $13.99 (at the hippie store next door)

In my opinion, the flavor was different. I enjoyed it, although not at first. It was a little sour, and a little dry and woody. But it was crisp and tangy. It smelled great. At first I actually disliked it - but it has grown on me. It's been 6 days, and I'm actually craving it right now.

    Heather: A little on the sour side. Not my first pick. Dry... greenish... effervescent.

    Joe: Reminds me of crab apples!!!!!!!!

    Heather: This one might be nice with some fruit floating in it, for those 'girly parties.' The first sip is kind of like getting into a cold pool, but you adjust!

    Joe: It's a bit harsh on the backend. I don't like cold pools.

    Ryan: It definitely gets better after the first sip. I bet it would be great paired with some goat cheese.

    Mike: At first taste this wasn't bad, but the aftertaste is too strong for my liking. I have to disagree with Heather. I didn't get used to it.

    Melissa: I thought this and the Oak Knoll were similar. Both were crisp and a bit sour.

Oak Knoll American Niagara

This is a white wine made from the Niagara grape. It's a native american varietal that grows in cooler climates of the US. $9.99

I thought this was really good. It had hints of apple and a sweet, flowery aroma. The flavor was slightly complex and grapey. It was a bit tart at first, but opened up nicely and finished on the sweet side. I could drink this whole bottle, and I WILL buy more of this.

    Melissa: A great wine for sipping outside on the porch. A nice summer wine.

    Joe: It pairs really well with this beef jerky!!! (really Joe?)

    Heather: It's fruity. It's flowery. It's romantic. This is a good kissing wine!

    Joe: And it goes well with beef jerky!!!

    Melissa: A smidge sweeter than the Vinho Verde (antonio futuro) - very nice. Clean but complex. I think this would go over very well as a group wine - it isn't at one extreme or the other - those who prefer sweet wines would like it, but those who prefer dryer would not be disappointed either.

Banrock Station - Moscato

This Australian moscato promises aromatic hints of fresh grapefruit and lemon and a palate of passionfruit and pineapple. $6.99

I loved it. I thought it was really light and sweet. I love moscatos and this one was better than many that i've tried. It was citrusy and smooth with a light crispiness on the first sip.

    Sallie, from HR, joined us. Her thoughts: ooooooooooooooo. Nummy.

    Melissa: This one was very sweet (but not cloying). Very Tasty.

Maretima - Pinot Grigio

This Italian Pinot promised sage, lemon verbena, green apple, pineapple and banana in the aroma. $11.99

I personally thought it was 'meh.'

    Heather thought the label was pretty and the wine was good.

    Mike: This is a nice, smooth wine that is very drinkable. I could enjoy several servings of this.

    Laura: Any left? ;) (sorry Laura, you were too late)

    Melissa: This one was not my favorite today. It was just a bit too dry and perhaps a bit boring.

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June 8, 2012 | Posted By: Llilith
If you get a chance, try this one:

So good! If we ever do the FW wine tasting at my house, this is what we'll try. :-) Oh wait, I've already tried it and can't wait to have it again. YUM
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