Cheap Wine Friday: Franzia Box Wine – Merlot

Franzia wine
Wine snobs, stop reading. There is no cork sniffing in this post. Every Friday at our all hands meeting, we enjoy a beer or two after discussing work progress and such. Last week we picked up a box of Franzia Merlot to enjoy as well. Boxed wine has a bad reputation – but thankfully people are becoming more logical and open minded, and less snobbish. Here are a few quick benefits of boxed wine:

  • Packaging is cheaper, and more earth friendly.
  • More wine in a smaller footprint.
  • Boxed wine will last several weeks without spoiling – vs a couple days with a bottle.
  • No risk of cork taintNow on to this wine…

Franzia Boxed Merlot

We drank this gem cold. It’s been hot outside, and the person that bought it put it in the fridge without knowing about the whole ‘proper serving temperature’ thing. Perhaps that’s a wine snob thing too? This wine was fantastic. Just a touch of dryness, with robust layering of flavors. It had hints of blackberry and raspberry. The aftertaste was short and sweet. At $12 for a 5L box, this wine is ultra cheap, and ultra delicious. There wasn’t a single indicator that this wine came from a box and not a bottle. The spout was easy and drip free too. We got our our social media intern, Ann, in on the tasting as well. She commented, “When I think of boxed wine, I immediately think of college…and the not so fun mornings after a night of boxed wine. It’s an interesting concept. It kind of reminds me of a juice box. An adult juice box to be exact”. After sipping a glass, she added “It’s not bad. I like that its cold so kudos to whoever put it in the fridge. Merlot is one of my favorite wines, and this doesn’t taste that bad. Its fresh, and has some zing to it. Which is surprising, because most merlots are vastly dry. I’d probably buy it. Hopefully no one at the store would SEE me buy it, but its still a good wine.” If I weren’t the only one drinking in my household – I would definitely be drinking boxed wine more often than bottled.


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