Cheap Wine Friday: Taylor Tawny Port Review

Cheap Wine Friday

Welcome to a new blog series! Every week, a group of fatwallet wine-drinkers gather together on a friday afternoon and enjoy a bottle or three of cheap(ish) wine.

In an effort to feel better about the 3 dozen empty wine bottles in my window sill, I’ve decided to start reviewing the wines and publishing them here where the best frugal minds on the net gather.

A little disclaimer – none of us are really wine snobs. We drink what we like. We’re not experts, but we are wine drinkers. Some of the wine we drink on cheap wine Friday┬áisn’t cheap – we try to keep it less than $10 per bottle, but have spent more than $30 on a few bottles.

Taylor Tawny Port

Taylor Tawny Port
This first ‘official’ review is this Tawny Port from Taylor. This is our 4th bottle of port, and also the cheapest we’ve ever found. At $5.99, it seems like a whole lot of drunk for the buck. This port is 18% alcohol.

Compared to the other ports I’ve tried, this one faired very well. While the flavor profile wasn’t complex, it tasted great. It was strong enough to taste the alcohol, but sweet enough to get it down. I will DEFINITELY be buying this again. It warmed the belly and didn’t leave a nasty aftertaste. I was able to drink 3 glasses without any regrets.

Other ports that we’ve consumed: Dow’s 10 year tawny port, Sandman, and Claustru’s.

Here are some quotes from the others who sampled.

Melissa: It was good – Sweet & Strong

Mike Owens: Yeah, what Melissa said. I’m usually not a sweet wine person (and I’m new to this whole port thing), but a little sweetness in a port seems to be a good thing.

Heather Stephens: Great after dinner wine, sweet and while it had strong alcohol content it was smooth and flavorful. Not bad for the price.

Ryan Jones: thumbs up

What is your favorite cheap wine? Leave us a comment – if we can find it and review it, we’ll send you a Fatwallet t-shirt!

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