Cheapest Ways to Travel During the Christmas & New Year Period

It is that time of year again, you find yourself listening to the jolly Christmas songs on the radio and wrapping up warm before setting a foot outside your door. The festive period has begun and if you haven’t already, you are probably rushing around trying to finish your Christmas shopping. However, Christmas for some people also means trying to figure out how to travel to families homes without spending too much money. The options are endless; driving, train or even flying but the secret lies in how to get to your destination safely while saving as much money for turkey and mince pies as possible…

  1. Book in advance

    The only tried and tested way to secure the cheapest means of travel is to book in advance. If you are traveling by train or by plane then look to book your tickets as early as possible, this will ensure you get the best possible deal and also gives you the freedom to compare quotes. Comparison sites such as Kayak Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity are always the best place to start, and remember if you can travel midweek as opposed to the weekend then you will always save money.

  2. Use Travel Reward Cards

    One great tip for cheaper travel around the festive period is to pay invoices and expenses during the year with a business credit card that earns frequent-flier miles. If you don’t have access to a business account you can always look at other offers during the early part of the year, other varieties of credit cards reward you with air miles too. It is a simple strategy to earn free tickets just for paying the bills. Always remember that this depends on your financial situation and your intentions. If you can pay off the balance every month and simply use the cards as “plastic money,” then this system will reward you.

  3. Name your Price

    A great website that often rewards users with great deals on rental cars and flights is Priceline. It is the only website that lets you bid for tickets. If you use it early enough you can usually pick up a bargain that is within your price range. One great tip is to use Google and search for information on “Priceline winning flight bids” or “Priceline winning car rental bids” to find sites that list information about previous winning bids.

  4. Split the Trip

    I don’t mean share your car with your next door neighbor, but by looking into splitting your trip into separate tickets when you travel by rail.

    On certain journeys, ask about the possibility of ‘split-ticketing’ and you can end up paying up to 50% less for your fare. All this involves is taking the same journey using two tickets instead of one. Sounds simple? It really is. If you are traveling by rail across different states then usually different rail companies will set the pricing which is where you save money.

  5. Save Money on Fuel

    If you have to travel a long way to see your family this Christmas or New Year then there are a couple of strategies you can employ to save money on your fuel. The first involves changing your driving habits. A lot of drivers often can’t control their speed with the accelerator pad alone and since a car consumes most gas when it accelerates this has a negative impact on eating up the fuel. By anticipating when cars are going to slow down, especially in heavy traffic, and easing off the gas you can get 10% – 20% better gas mileage.

Sam is an avid fan of travel and wants to use his experience to save you money this festive period. He works for Taxi Advertising who specialize in vehicle wrapping and taxi advertising.

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