Clever Unconventional Uses for Everyday Products

Clever Uses for Everyday Products

I’ve been amazed as to how creative the FatWallet community is! I knew they were amazing as far as coming up with clever ways to save money, enjoy life, and live well, but I had no idea what I was in for when I asked our readers if they had any fun or unconventional uses for everyday products!

The FatWallet reader’s responded in ways that had me shaking my head in amazement at their creative uses for common products. They also had me drifting between a little chuckle and absolutely cracking up at their funny replies.

Here’s what our readers had to say: “Do you have any fun or unconventional uses for everyday products?”

Heather Stephens: I started the list by sharing that I use conditioner in the shower to shave my legs because it’s cheaper than shaving cream, lives my skin moisturized and silky, and it also means less clutter in the shower.

Vicki Davis Stone: When your traveling and taking a curling iron…also take an oven mitt….then if you have to pack up and curling iron is still hot….just put it in the oven mitt….it works like a charm.

Noose Newsome: Walmart bags for trash liners

Pat Mitchell: Any grocery bags for garbage work well. I use dawn dishwasher soap for body soap. Says it dissolves hard to remove fat . . . .haven’t lost any weight yet .

Cindy Price: We make our own “fabreeze” by mixing one part fabric softener to two parts water in a spray bottle…NOT for our legs…LOL

Mary Melisky: I use Dawn as a spot remover on my clothes….it works better than any name brand spot remover on the market!

Kristen Farron: Any type of degreasing liquid dish soap (not dishwasher) for grease stains on clothes. hydrogen peroxide to dissolve blood stains — soak in the peroxide for 20 minutes before washing (plus, you can see it working, it’s fun, my inner science geek), hairspray to remove ink stains (drench spray, blot, drench spray blot – do not rub!!!), baby powder to absorb grease from my hair if I’m not dirty and don’t have time to shower (i.e. stressful day at work + night plans)

Pat Mitchell: And blood stains should always be washed in cold otherwise you “cook” in the stain.

Michelle Masuo: I just rub some of the concentrated laundry soap in the dirty spot, works just fine. And my house cleaner (Bac-Out) is a concentrate so I use it all over the place. Floors, spot on jeans, counter tops… Oh. When shaving sensitive areas, use deodorant after you’ve shaved, helps the red bumps not be so bumpy.

Vicki Davis Stone: ice cube trays are great to use for separating ear rings..and if you travel..but saran wrap over it put it your suit case.

Katie Ralston-Litmer: I do that too!!!! It softens the hair and makes it easier!!!! I use Windex as stain remover. and my phone as a modem! LOL

Jane Thorwald: I use rubber bands (left over from newspaper) to keep shredded cheese fresh, just roll the top of the bag over a few times and keep in place with rubber band around the package. Hairspray works good for bees or hornets in your house. Spray them to stop them from flying and then they are easy to dispose of without danger of a sting if you miss…….

Zachie23: Conditioner also good for taking off eye makeup -just don’t get in eyes!

PammyT: Toothpaste to clean my horses metal bits.

USofErica: Lite tampon for a nose bleed. I prefer cardboard over plastic when it comes to my nose. :)

Mmm Lekker: I use milk of magnesia as deodorant. Only thing that works for me. :)

Tara Broadway: Diaper Rash cream with Zinc Oxide is an awesome face cream, clears acne, wrinkles and a sunscreen.

John Smith: For hair conditioner I use canola oil.

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