Come As You Are: 90’s Grunge is Retro

Most people remember the laid-back, rocker days of Kurt Cobain and his misfit followers that influenced, not only an entire wave of carefree music, but also an attitude and style for the youths of the 90’s generation to celebrate. “Nevermind”, as the album was called, reflected the ideology behind the movement that is now returning to the runway.

Grunge represents a sort of organized sloppiness that is quite possibly the easiest trend to incorporate into your wardrobe. A combo of Empire Records meets Stone Temple Pilots, grunge doesn’t require a lot of time, money or expert knowledge to accomplish. Discover the secret to alternative rocker fashion.


Loose-fitting clothing is a “must” in this trend. It’s ok to wear items big and baggy, just as long as your whole outfit doesn’t seem to be swallowing you. Find t-shirts, sweaters and pants that hang, exuding your relaxed attitude. The grunge style is pretty much synonymous with comfort. I mean, what could be better than rolling right out of bed already looking like a rockstar?

Simple Statements

Bumming around in flannel never looked so good, because tomboy shirts are totally “in”. Layer button-up plaids over novelty t’s or tanks for a fashion trend that is uber comfy. Find shirts that make a statement or address a cause from your local thrift shop. You can find great vintage style t’s for close to nothing with political, emotional or artistic phrases that are no stranger to the grunge movement.


Utility boots give a tough edge to this relaxed style, demanding the attention of all who come in its vicinity. But not just any boots, Doc Martens were a trademark item of the 90’s. Now they’re back and better than ever with funky new patterns and colors to perk up this lazy day trend. If you prefer more comfortable shoes, check out the latest Converse Allstars, which have also reclaimed their fame this season.

Alternative Accessories

Top off the grunge look by hiding behind a big, round set of sunglasses. Recall the famous photo of Kurt with his white rimmed shades? Well, it’s all coming back, including loose-fitting beanies to cover up a messy mop of hair.


Literally. Wear it like you just rolled out of bed. Your hair, your makeup and your ensemble should be effortless. Remember that the goal of grunge is to make disheveled look sexy.

Relive the rebellious styles of the 90’s with basic staples and minimal effort. It’s frugal fashion that gives everyone the ability to be a fashionista this spring. So no excuses; it’s time to go out and get your grunge on.

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