Coupon Dilemma: What can you do with coupons you won’t use?

couponIt’s Sunday afternoon and you’re watching your favorite baseball team play because both of your kids are taking naps. Finally, you have some time to start sifting through your coupon inserts that arrived in your paper this morning. There were lots of coupons you’ll probably use, but also some you know for sure you won’t.

Later in the afternoon you’re organizing your binder and inserting new coupons into it, and you find several coupons that are now expired. This happens to me on a regular basis, and it gets frustrating!

So now you’ve got a stack of expired coupons and you’ve got a few coupons left in your inserts that you probably won’t end up using either. Rather than toss them into the recycling bin, here are a few options.

Send Them Overseas To Our Military

I’ve been doing this the past few months since my cousin moved to Germany. When I gather up enough to send to her, I head to the post office. Military can generally use expired coupons up to six months past their expiration date. Last month my cousin emailed me to say she used some of the coupons to buy razors for 49 cents! Her unused coupons are then passed along to some of her friends who live on the base. If you don’t have someone to mail your expired coupons to on a regular basis, check out to get more information about adopting a base.

Share Them With Friends Who Also Coupon

Where I live we have an informal coupon group on Facebook. Every week if someone is looking for extra coupons this is where we can post the list of ones we’re looking for. I also have a friend who I regularly swap inserts with because we shop for different things. This has been a great way to help my friends save extra money too!

Let Your Kids Play With Them

My kids’ favorite thing to play at our house right now is “grocery store,” so I’ve given them coupons to play with when they “shop” for things in our store. They love being like mom using coupons, and they love being able to play with their “credit cards” too.
Someone can probably use them

Whether it’s mailing coupons to the military, sharing them with your fellow coupon shopping friends, or just letting your kids use them to play with, there are options for those coupons that you either know you won’t use or forgot to use before they expire.

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