Coupons and the Free Ego Trip

It happened a few months ago- though my ego wanted to deny it- the writing was on the wall, I was becoming my mother. For years now my mother has been using the lingo, you know how it goes- GDA (good deal alert) IVC (instant value coupon) and the ultimate- DOUBLE COUPON- aka a coupon where the grocery store recognizes the coupon as ‘double’ in value. It sounds ridiculous to the unknown. I’m sure when our alien brothers and sisters finally land that saucer they will walk into Wal-Mart and discover a whole different language to the one they’ve been listening to through space airwaves. But plain and simple, life today is hard and costly, and the coupon world is instant gratification for my ego. The clever person who had the foresight to see past our economic depressions and dream that the coupon business could bring so much joy and satisfaction should stand up and take a bow.

Friends who haven’t cottoned on to ‘coupon world’ and the ego hit associated with it may laugh behind our backs, because in time they too will understand. One only has to hear the sound of the cash register to feel the rush- beep beep BEEP-you have won a prize! Here are more coupons!! There is a particular thrill when the prized coupon resinates and rewards- it is pure music to the ears and arguably good for the soul. The best things in life aren’t always for free, sometimes-without a rock star budget- we can dream of-a simple “Two for the Price of One” or “Try Me Free” that can give you the little ‘pick me up’ in your day. While many may take the stance that frugal living and the coupon world is addictive and poor man’s business (I’m sure Oprah thinks that feeding the soul only happens when you sitting under a tree reading a spiritual book) I say that there are many other additive and often destructive habits our skeptics have got going on in their lives. Surely- if the ego feels rewarded for simple living and those rewards in turn feed my family- the coupon world is a positive development for our society.

Alas the coupon world may seem like a frugal and small minded business to some. I have seen the looks of those waiting behind me in the shopping line as I rustle through my bag searching for valid coupons that will offer a small price difference. I will admit that like my mother I have on my fridge doors Internet Printable Coupons (IP). But if my fragile ego gets a sense of satisfaction and contentment that I’m not just another battled consumer or Out of Pocket (OOP) mother budgeting to feed her hungry family, then I am happy to stand up and tell the world that I am a member of the coupon fan club.

While one part of Francesca’s life is filled with money saving tips and shopping the other is fulfilled with the deeper reasoning behind our actions. Understanding the ‘Ego’ and its relationship with how we act has made much of her behavior transparent– unfortunately!

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