Creative Ways to Fund a Masters Degree

Getting your Masters Degree will hopefully set you on the path to a successful and lucrative career, but actually getting the qualifications and your earning potential at the outset means that you are likely to have a few lean years.

Thinking on your feet is what you should be good at and earning enough money to go most of the way towards funding your degree is entirely possible with a little creative thinking.

Get Paid to be On-Line

There are many ways to earn money on the internet and a popular method is taking part in surveys which you get paid for. You can register for a number of different sites and get paid a small amount for each questionnaire that you fill in. The big problem with this scheme is that you probably need to fill in about 10,000 surveys to earn enough money, so this could be self defeating exercise as you may find there is not enough time left for studying let alone seeing the outside world!

Become a Barista

Consider working in rather than hanging out in a coffee shop. Regular work and pay will be yours for the taking and you might even enjoy it! Just bear in mind that you will have to make over 100,000 Lattes and serve thousands of weird and wonderful brews such as Kopi Luwak to earn enough money for your degree.

Use Your Body

No we are not suggesting anything illegal or immoral here, but there are several options for using your natural resources for making some spare cash. The main money earner that you could consider if you are not too squeamish is to give blood. You can donate plasma about twice a week if you are up to it and at a rough calculation that will take about 900 visits to fund your degree. You could consider the ingenious idea of sponsoring a space on your arm, like one enterprising student who managed to secure enough advertising to easily pay her way through college. The only downside is the pain of the needle and the small matter of a lasting testament to how you paid your way engraved on your skin.

Create an iPhone App

If you have the next Angry Birds phenomenon floating around in your head then a successful launch of your app could set you on your way to a small fortune. Of course the app market is littered with failures but if you get it right, about 38,000 downloads will get you the amount you need.

More Sensible Money Raising Ideas

If you really are unable to face the slightly left field ideas already mentioned there is always the prospect of getting a bursary or even potentially finding a company that would be interested in employing you after you qualify and getting them to sponsor your degree as part of the welcome deal, as they say if you don’t ask you don’t get, so get working on raining that money and avoiding the prospect of starting out with a debt if at all possible.

Guest post contributed by Sarah Rawson. Sarah is an online tutor for an online MBA program and is a freelance writer. Her articles appear on various higher education blogs.

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