DECEMBER Shopping Trends 2013: When to Buy What



Online shoppers spend more money this month than any other. Even Black Friday doesn’t hold a candle to the shopping revenue recorded in many other shopping days in December. With that said, December sales are rampant and but every deal is a deal, even with increased cash back from hundreds of stores in FatWallet’s annual Holiday Cash Back Sale, especially on Green Monday (DEC 9) and Free Shipping Day (DEC 18). So even for these items that are typically marked down this month, we would suggest that shoppers compare prices and ways to stack discounts in order to optimize their savings, whether buying gifts or stuff for the home. This year with Cyber Monday deals coming in December, study the Black Friday prices closely as it may pay off to wait until December to buy certain items, like on Green Monday. Also, free shipping for online shoppers is a must to assure you get a good deal, so keep eyes peeled for special coupon codes and know the spend minimums to unsure you avoid this cost (or utilize free in-store pickup, especially when you need items the same day).

”cyberCyber Monday: Last year this shopping event hit in November, but the trends for what to buy are still similar as it follows a Black Friday season that has seemed like an eternity of low priced electronics. 2012 set records for online purchases in one day and continued throughout the week to follow. The majority of these purchases were for electronics gadgets, cell phone deals and clothing (and shoes). Just like Black friday, there will be good deals on laptops, TV’s and hig priced electronics, but the deals are limited to specific models, so make sure to compare before buying. Dozens of apparel stores will simply offer Cyber Monday and Cyber Week shoppers a big store-wide discount of 50-60% of clothing, shoes and accessories. Expect this to continue. Our recommendation is to buy clothing early in December versus later in the month as we get closer Christmas.

”furbyToy Deals: The retailers were very aggressive with toy deals in late October and early November, but toy prices should be best starting Green Monday and up to the last few days to ship as retailers continue to lower prices. If you can wait, you’ll save a few extra bucks. The risk for waiting for the se lower prices is whether you’ll find the exact toy model you want. With lack luster early sales reports, this year shouldn’t be an issue.

”RachaelCookware and kitchen gadgets: This year’s Black Friday deals for cookware sets are pretty impressive, but traditionally these don’t sell out and hold their price through December sales. Kitchen gadgets and small appliances are plentiful and should see even better than Black Friday prices in December sales, especially when mixed with a 30% off Kohl’s or Macy’s discount. Dinnerware and glassware will be available for reduced prices this month as well. And look for attractive select sales on home decor items (frames sets, candles, bookshelves, rugs-BOGO) in mid December leading up to Free Shipping Day.

”giftGift Cards: Believe it or not, late December and right before Christmas break is the best time to buy gift cards. Not only will dozens of stores offer discounts ($25 GC for $20, etc.), especially for restaurants, movies and local entertainment, but you can also get cash back on many of these deals. We would advise anyone looking for gift card discounts to read the fine print, especially when trying to apply cash back to the initial purchase, or during redemption.

”christmasDecember Clearance: Most of the really good deals during this last week of December include holiday decorations, wrapping paper/bows/tags, holiday dinnerware and food. But we also see some really low prices on discount clothing, shoes, toys, and small electronics and appliances. But not all…click the link above to check out some of the highlight sales from last year (2012).

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