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Kids and crafts go together like peanut butter and jelly. With Mother’s Day coming up, let the creativity shine. Dads, help your kids create something that will be treasured. We provide the ideas, you get the credit.

This Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11th — don’t forget!) make sure the mother of your children has a day that celebrates her motherly wonder.

To my mom, and all the mom’s out there, happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Card and Craft Ideas

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Play off of the classic phrase “I love you this much” by tracing out your child’s hands and connecting them together accordion style. Bonus points if you measure out the actual armspan of your child, too!
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Give your child the permanent markers and let him or her design a ceramic mug. Pop it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, and you’ve got a gift that will make a cup of coffee even better.
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Get your child started with a green thumb with this practical gift. Kids can decorate the pot however they want for mom. They can put in some seeds and watch them grow.
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Speaking of flowers, turn hands into flowers with reasons written on them of why your kids love their mom. The reasons will be sure to make her feel appreciated.
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If mom is an avid baker, have the kids be her helping hands. Simply press the painted hands on top of an oven mitt for an adorable yet practical gift.
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Continuing with practical gifts in the kitchen, kids can paint the handles of spoons in Mom’s favorite color with varying shades. Follow the tutorial from Say Yes to make this simple craft.
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Let your child decorate the frame of a picture frame however they like and put in a favorite picture. Not only does it allow for creativity, but you can also highlight the sentimentality in the photograph.
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Compile your child’s artwork into a book. They can write loving messages, or draw whatever they want. Their masterpieces will surely be appreciated.
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 beeswax-candles Cut a strip of beeswax and have kids roll them around the wick. Oh Happy Day has instructions you can follow to make this easy gift.
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Craft together a birdhouse (or buy one) and let your child be the designer. Mom will just be jealous that the birds get to live in it, and not her.
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Turn a can into a lantern with this tutorial from Grow Creative. Your child will love getting a chance to use a hammer and nails — safely!

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