Dollar Tree or Dollar FREE!

Many couponers hearts stopped this last week when the Dollar Tree announced they would be taking manufacturer coupons. The possibilities were endless, people were calling stores to ask if the rumors were true, and Dollar Tree had to post the same answer to a million of the same question on their Facebook page, “Is it true!?” And the answer is yes! It’s true! This Sunday, August 26th, Dollar Tree will start taking your coupons.

Dollar Tree decided to start accepting coupons to bring more value to their customers. With economics being at a bit of down point, the Dollar Tree wants to let their customers know that they are going to add just that much more stretch to their dollar by shopping at Dollar Tree and taking those coupons. Dollar Tree stores in the last few years have really tried to change their image, shifting from seemingly everything being cheap plastic junk to now carrying over a hundred different name brand products. They are cleaning up the aisles and still keeping everything a dollar or even sometimes less than a dollar. This new, clean image is drawing more and more shoppers to their stores, smart shoppers who know that they can get a quality item for only a dollar by shopping these stores. Dollar Tree has also in some areas, struck a deal with the Sunday newspaper to start putting an ad out for what they are planning on having in stock that week. Products will vary from store to store and region to region, so don’t be surprised if your friend in California has something you don’t have at your store in Virginia. The shipments they also get in are sometimes just a featured item, so they won’t have any more of that item coming in the store, in those situations it helps to be the first on the scene so you don’t miss a good deal.

When the entire store is only a dollar, how much better can the deals get? With their new coupon policy, they can get as good as free! If you are a couponer, you know at someone point you have seen an item at the Dollar Tree and thought, “I have a coupon for that!” Only to remember that they didn’t accept coupons. You can start smiling now because now they will take that coupon (starthing August 26th), and the deals are going to be hot. Dollar Tree issued an official coupon policy, which can be found on their website. The policy is similar to what you would find at any other store, with the exception that they will only take 2 printable coupons per transaction. That is alright, you will still be able to score some amazing deals, all for a dollar or less and even free (for an example, see below). As with any store that is new to couponing, you will want to print the store policy and take it with you, and make sure you are practicing ethical couponing and not trying to dupe a newly trained employee. Sometimes it even helps to plan a trip in advance by getting familiar with the store beforehand, knowing what they carry, and having the corresponding coupons ready to go. You can also check out websites like, where we match up the coupons with the items for you, making your life easier and leaving you with more time to spend doing things you want to do, like enjoying some of those free items!

Two Free Deals at Dollar Tree this Coming Week:

This month in the August 6th issue of People magazine there is a coupon for $1 off any L’Oreal cosmetic (exp 9/15/12), and in the Sunday paper on 7/29 (RP #2) there is a $1/1 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, (exp. 9/8/12) coupon. Dollar Tree carries both those products, meaning they will be free after coupons.

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