Dress Like Hollywood on a Dime: Affordable Celebrity Lines!

Have you ever picked up a magazine with your favorite celebrity on the cover or sat down to watch a movie and thought to yourself, I love how they look? Their hair is flowing like a Pantene commerical. Their faces are spotless, and their clothes resemble something from a Paris runway show. It’s as if the fashion gods just planted them on Earth to taunt us. Just yesterday, I was reading my US Weekly at the gym and saw a picture of Jennifer Hudson in a $6,000 dress. Yes, you read that right. For $6,000, I could wipe out my whole closet and build a whole new wardrobe!

So, how do you manage to dress like these stunning stars and still afford to pay your bills? Cue the celebrity fashion lines. Big box retailers and celebrities have been teaming up since god knows how long. It’s really a win win situation for both if you think about it. The department stores use these exclusive lines to draw in shoppers, and the celebrities have the opportunity to put their ideas to work. Plus, it’s a huge advantage for the every day consumer like you and I. We can walk into a department store with a few bucks in our pocket, and leave with some stylish pieces with a celebrity stamp of approval. No need to take out another line of credit, or call in Tim Gunn. Everything is nicely laid out for the budget-conscious consumer.

To help you out, I’ve grouped together some exclusive celebrity lines that are offered through some our FatWallet merchants. The select brands have been popular in the stores, and show big promise for the future. Plus, if you shop through FatWallet, you’ll get that nice perk of cash back in your account!

Celebrity/Designer Duds on FatWallet:

Who knew three years ago that Lauren Conrad’s LC line at Kohl’s would be such a success? Even though I may have watched an episode of the Hills here and there, I never thought her fashion sense would be anything to take note. Boy, was I wrong. Her line is great, and affordable for any woman. It’s perfect for the teeny bopper or young adult looking to freshen up their wardrobe. Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at Kohl’s are:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Daisy Fuentes
  • Marc Anthony
  • Tony Hawk
  • Rock and Republic
  • Vera Bradley

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If you are a big fan of Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe Kardashian, then you might want to plan a trip to Sears soon. The feisty threesome teamed up with the giant retailer in 2011, and have been growing their line ever since. Their brand features lots of curvy dresses, comfy jump suits, and sparkly accessories. I’m not sure I could pull off some of their pieces, but I do love their shoes. If only I knew how to stand in four inch stilettos, then I’d think I would be ok. Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at Sears are:

  • Audrina Patridge for Bongo
  • LL Cool J

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Coined “the clothing line for teen girls with credit cards”, Material Girl was the brain child of Madonna and her daughter Lola. Even though I felt really old when I passed through the juniors department, I loved many of their pieces. If you have that rocker edge, then this line would be right up your alley. Lots of tutus, ripped shirts, stripes, and bold statements are part of the brand as well. Plus, you can swing by the men’s section and pick up a nice shirt from Sean John. His line of flannels are perfect for casual weekends. Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at Macy’s are:

  • Nicole Ritchie
  • Rachel Roy
  • Martha Stewart
  • Donald Trump
  • Sean Combs

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Piggy-backing off its older sister Sears, Kmart has done a fabulous job dishing out celebrity lines to its customers. Sofia Vergara’s exclusive brand has the sex appeal and low cost attached to its price tag that everyone likes. Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at Kmart are:

  • Selena Gomez
  • Nicki Minaj – Coming Soon!

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Adding to their growing list of exclusive brands, JCPenney has teamed up with Marchesa to create Pearl by Georgina Chapman, a collection of affordable special-occasion dresses. The line has a wide range of pieces from prom to holiday. If I were seventeen again or had a daughter around that age, I would certainly hit this department up. It’s the budget babe’s dream come true! Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at JCPenney are:

  • MNG by Mango
  • Samantha Ronson
  • MaryKate and Ashley Olson

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If you are a true online shopper, then you will love all the lines at The Home Shopping Network. Tennis legend, Serena Williams, has a great collection that features many easy to wear and comfortable pieces. I already spied about ten things that would go great for my upcoming beach vacation. Other exclusive designer/celebrity lines featured at HSN are:

  • Twiggy
  • Queen Latifah
  • Guilana Rancic

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