Easy Ways to Make 2012 Pay

There’s no doubt we’ve had some tough years economically. There is a large percentage of the population having trouble finding work but things are starting to slowly come back together for many families who have struggled through the last few years. 2012 has a glimmer of hope for many of these families and now it’s time to really make 2012 pay off.


There are jobs to be had, but there may not be any good jobs where you’re living. If that’s the case consider moving. Often we have emotional attachments to an area rather than economical ones. If you’re living in your college town delivering pizzas and lamenting that you can’t find a good job, start wondering what would happen if you drove a few hours away to a bigger city with more potential.

Some areas have more people than jobs and some areas have more jobs than people. The trick is figuring out an area you can handle living in that is also hiring – then just get yourself there and give it a shot. Ideally, you have some sort of job worked out before you hit the road or a bit of savings to live on for the first month to get started.

Pick Up a Second Job

If you’re starting to pull ahead in the career game, make your career pay off faster by grabbing a second job. It may cut into your television time to work at Starbucks in the evenings, but working two jobs often means you’re making enough to pay off debt and live comfortably where before you were simply making it from one paycheck to the next.

Finding a part-time job may be easier than you think as many companies are much more willing to hire part-time or contract workers rather than full-time ones right now. Don’t be afraid of working extra hours and taking on a second career – leisure time is a lot more fun when you can afford to do something fun in those empty hours.

Sell Stuff

Most of us are living in a goldmine of our own making. Or your parents and grandparents might have some treasures they are willing to part with. Everything you can sell, you can profit from. Take advantage of the easy listing on eBay and Craigslist to make an easy $500. Sell everything that you’re not using or that you don’t really like. You’ll have some case in hand to pay off debts or to get ahead in another area.

As you go through your drawers and closets selling off old game systems, lamps and cell phones, you’ll also have an excellent sense of satisfaction as you declutter your home, and that has tremendous rewards in its own right. If it seems hard to get started selling, just try one thing you have laying around. When you see how simple it is, you’ll be more excited to part with things that just take up space and pocket some extra cash in the process.

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