Easy Yummy Holiday Brunch Recipes

by Jocelynn Stephens

During the hustle bustle of gift giving, all the planning and shopping for that perfect gift is for the one goal, that moment Christmas morning seeing the excitement on the kids faces, right? As a child, I remember watching the exhausted faces of my parents light up as we ran down the stairs to peak at what Santa brought us. The anxious curiosity of the three of us kids was mind-boggiling.

My favorite part of Christmas morning has always been opening our stockings.  We would open them first, because each stocking had at least a full bag of chocolate kisses. The best part was that we could just sit there eating all the candy while opening presents–not that my little brother needed that to fuel his fire!

Another favorite part of Christmas in my family is my dad making his big “Dad” breakfast.  He always let us help, even when we were little, stirring the pancake batter, or sprinkling the chocolate chips on the pancakes as they cooked in the skillet. As we got bigger the meals became more elaborate, with egg casseroles, french toast casseroles, and cast iron skillet potatoes.

Our family can be a little chaotic at times, and Christmas mornings are not always for the faint of heart. One year while making breakfast our old Chocolate Lab, having must have eaten a few of those chocolate kisses when we weren’t looking, threw up IN my Poppie’s shoe. Then later that morning we didn’t have glasses clean so we drank our orange juice out of wine glasses. Once we were all seated my sister pulled the table cloth off of the table dumping all of the food on to the floor! Let’s just say we had Christmas breakfast with out my Grandparents the next year because they’d traveled to my Aunt’s house…We think it was on purpose. 😉

But we look forward to it every year in spite of our crazy family fiascoes!  To help you have a merry Christmas morning, or happy whatever you’re celebrating, I have rounded up some easy yummy recipes for you to try for your morning brunch. I’ll be making a few of these this year with my dad too!

Recipes the Little Kids Can Help With!

Grown-ups and kids will all love making and scarfing down these little frosties (Visit athriftymom.com for the Snowman Donut recipe!)
Little ones will have as much fun assembling this healthy cute snack as they will eating it! (Visit traxhome.blogspot.com for the yummy Banana Snowman recipe!)
Make their Christmas merrier by letting them help you assemble these frost-nipped treats. (Visit prettypinktulips.com!)

Crock Pot dishes:

You can make this dish before opening presents and it will be ready just in time. (Visit crockingirls.com for this delicious Crock Pot Monkey Bread recipe!)
This easy overnight breakfast will be waiting for you when you wake up along with all your presents! (Visit familyfreshmeals.com for this delicious Breakfast Casserole Crock Pot recipe!)
How fun would it be to wake up Christmas morning and have a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and watch the kids open presents? (Visit creatingthroughtlife.com for the crock pot Hot Cocoa recipe!)

 Baked Goodies

Throw this sweet dish into the oven and work up an appetite opening gifts, then your next present is to dig into this sugar-coated casserole! (Visti phemomenon.com for this delicious Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast recipe!)
These gooey rolls will sure be a delight at your house in the morning! (Visit sugarandspice-celeste.blogspot.com for the recipe for these Absolutely Sinful Cinnamon Rolls!)
Your guests will sure be pleased when you slice into this spiced egg nog cake. (Visit starsflourpower.blogspot.com for the recipe for this Spiced Egg Nog Bundt Cake)

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