Egg-stravaganza: Top 10 Unique Easter Egg Decorating Techniques


Bring in springtime with an “egg-stravaganza” of colorfully decorated eggs to enjoy the holiday. With millions of variations on the traditional, solid-egg decorating technique, this year is bound to present some innovative creations for the Easter bunny to admire. Show off your creative side and try one of these top ten unique egg decorating techniques.

1. N-egg-ative Space:

n-egg-ative space


Utilize pattern to create visually dynamic eggs for the holiday. You simply take stickers (round, stars, squares, etc.) and place them on the outer shell of the hard-boiled eggs. Soak the eggs in food colored water. After the dye has set and the eggs have dried, simply remove the stickers to reveal the remaining pattern. N-egg-ative space eggs put a classy spin on traditional dying techniques that are perfect for chic and contemporary Easter centerpieces.

2. Cracked Eggs:


Create your own fake marble eggs with this incredible crackle technique. Tap hard boiled eggs shells with a spoon, just hard enough to crack them without making the shell fall off. Now place the eggs in cups of natural dye (i.e. tea, koolaid, saffron, blueberries, coffee, etc.) and leave them to soak. Once the eggs have sufficiently taken on their color, remove them, dry them and peel off the shells. You’ll have the most magnificently cracked eggs. Natural dyes will take a bit longer to set, but they’re better for you, since you’ll be directly dying the egg itself and not the outer shell.

3. Egg-imal Characters:


Everyone loves creating little animal figures for spring, especially bunnies or little chicks to represent the onset of spring. As so, glue some construction paper or felt ears, noses, tails and/or beaks to develop you’re very own egg-imal zoo.

4. Silk Eggs-change:


Have some old silk scarfs lying around the house? If so, try this innovative technique that involves transferring the image from the scarf to the surface of the egg to create some heirloom Easter eggs for the whole family to enjoy. Simply wrap eggs tightly in pieces of of the silk scarf and tie off with rubber bands. Place the wrapped eggs in a pot of boiling water with two tablespoons of vinegar. Then remove and dry them to reveal the spectacular detail and color underneath. The silk eggs-change method is favorite for all who enjoy a bit of excitement and surprise.

5. Lumin-eggs:


What is cooler than eggs that glow in the dark? All you need a variety of fluorescent colored paints, vinegar and water to put this simple spin on egg dying. The kids will love to seen their end creations to come life in the dark. Everyone will enjoy an untraditional lumin-egg hunt at dusk.

6. Glamor-eggs:


It’s no secret that ladies love sparkly things, so why not apply this idea to Easter eggs? A thin coat of craft glue or modge podge will become tacky after a minute. Roll or pour glitter over the eggs until they are fully coated. These easy, glamor-eggs are sure to be the life of the party.

7. Crayola Cray-eggs:


Add some hand-drawn line quality to your artistic eggs, by drawing on hard-boiled eggs, straight from the pot with waxy crayola crayons. The colorful wax immediately melts to the shell, leaving waxy, water resistant lines. Continue dying eggs as normal to fill in the undrawn surface. Modern Crayola cray-eggs are wonderful,
personalized artworks to celebrate the season.

8. Egg-straordinary Watercolor:


Ready for the most beautifully messy egg dying technique? Organize several colored dyes in separate containers. Drip the colors, one at a time, over the egg, allowing each drip to dry before applying the next color. The result is an egg-straordinary watercolor effect that resembles rainbow camouflage.

9. D-egg-opauge:

decoupage egg

Some of the most intricately decorated eggs have been the result of the ancient art of decopauge. Utilize thin papers or cuts of fabric (i.e. colored, patterned, gold leaf, photos, etc.) and apply them to the egg with a thin coat of modge pode, pressing them smoothly down on the shell with a soft, dry paint brush. Once the eggs have dried, you will have amazing D-egg-opauge treasures to hide around the house.

10. Egg-cakes:

Easter Cupcakes in egg

What could be better than actually dying eggs for Easter? Well, if your eggs were filled with cake, you might say “eating them”, of course. This process is a little more complex than the other techniques, but it leaves you with a tasty reward. After dying them, poke a small hole in the large end of each of your eggs and pour out the yoke contents into a bowl. Mix together a cake batter and fill the empty shells. Bake and enjoy your little surprise egg-cakes!

Try out these egg decorating tips and everyone, including the Easter bunny, will be envious of your eggs this year.

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